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Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon

How to go to Alibijaban Island:

  • Bus Terminal in Buendia bound for Lucena Grand Terminal
  • Ride another bus going to San Andres, Quezon (just ask where is it located)
  • Ride a Tricycle going to the port or you opt to walk if you want.
  • Boat ride going to Alibijaban.

Some may not yet discover this beautiful island in Quezon. Yeah, there's so many good beaches located in Quezon. Cagbalete and General Nakar to name a few.

Alibijaban Island, April 2014
Early morning shot, Alibijaban Island, April 2014

Alibijaban Island is located in San Andres, Quezon. Average of 8-12 hours travel time depending on the bus ride. For us, we took around 12 hours including waiting time and stop overs. Expect the worst if you are communiting but I suggest to just enjoy the ride especially in your journey going to San Andres since it is an ordinary bus. Try to talk with the locals, view sceneries and hold on tight while passing by the zigzags. Its fun! 😄

When you reach San Andres, you still need to ride a boat going to the island. Its just a 15minute boat ride. Don't expect a big one ok?

Kuya Randy was the person who took charge during our stay in the island.. From the boat ride to accomodation and food. We stayed at Kapitan's place where we set a tent for the night. We bought a fresh fish for dinner. Kuya Randy and her wife help us cooked our food.

Ooops. Just to let you know too, there's no electricity there. Though some houses uses a solar power.

Next day, we went to the mangroves, ship wreck, did a lot of snorkelling and swimming. We also watched Kuya Randy played basketball on that day since there's a Liga (Basketball league) every summer. It was so much fun!

We were the only visitors during that weekend and upon checking the visitor's log. There are really few people visiting the island. I hope it will not be spoiled even if many adventurers like us will go there.

Always remember the travellers oath please... Preserve the place so that many would be able to see its natural beauty.
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  1. I never heard of this place in the Philippines. Sounds fun, it's like off the beaten path.

    1. Indeed it's fun and the experience is so worth it. It's a small island and we were like the first few guests of the island before but now it is already booming.


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