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Jonalyn is the name of the author of this website. You would not wonder now how she came up with the site's name. This is basically her name and sharing her experiences.

The author want to share with the world the beauty of each and every places. To make them appreciate and see it as well. Immerse with local culture and its people. Showing the world how it is happy to live and how bless we are.

About the Author:

She is an adventurous woman in her early thirties. Happily married to his bestfriend, Ailo.

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MBA graduate, who previously worked as an Inventory Storeroom Clerk in a textile manufacturing company, six months later she shifted into becoming an auditor of a Local Lending Company for two years and then found herself getting an opportunity to work with the number one Shipping company in the world as an accountant. She's been there for almost eight years.

She loves nature and also doing outreach activities. She is also currently part of Travolunteers, a group of travelers who is has an every year outreach program.

Left her corporate job and currently working as a freelancer and aiming to travel the world one country at a time but still visiting places in the Philippines is her top priority.

Looking forward to collaborate. Feel free to shoot me an email at jonashares@gmail.com.

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Abra, Philippines

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