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Davao: Talicud Island + Davao City + Kapatagan, Digos, Davao Del Sur

I have been to Davao in 2011 and I promise to myself that I will go back there again. I loved the place during my first visit. I admired the cleanliness all over the city. Smoking is also prohibited.

Last October 2013, I am supposed to visit it again with my boyfriend and some other friends but due to unforseen events, Me and my boyfriend had to cancel our flight.

I booked again after recovering from my father's loss. And revisiting Davao has come to reality.

Davao Internationa Airport
Touch down Davao

Davao City

February 22, we board an afternoon flight. Arrived safely and went straight to the hotel. After checking-in at the Hotel, we ate our dinner near downtown.. You would see a lot of barbecues and most of them calls it inasal. Most of the stores offers unlimited rice together with the inasal

We had our dinner at Batoks' for only Php 375.00, this is already for the three of us. After that, we roamed around People's Park to unwind before going back to the hotel.

I was amazed of the security measures and how it is set in place within the park. You have to show your bag and let them check it. No harmful objects are allowed (scissors, knife, etc.) inside the vicinity.

People's Park

You will see a lot of artworks made by Kublai Millan as well. The park closes at around 10:30 PM.

On the next day, before going on our next destination. We ate breakfast at Taps, it costs us Php 281.00, 3 varieties of silogs and 3 cups of coffee. The place is just near Peoples Park.

Talicud Island (Isla Reta)

We rode a jeepney from Sampaguita Inn to Magsaysay for Php 8.00. Before going straight to Sta. Ana Wharf, we roam around first inside Magsaysay Park. You will see a skating rink there, a classic ferris wheel (which I don't know if it is placed really there or just temporary) and many bench suited for many people. 

After that we went to Sta. Ana wharf where the boats going to Samal and Talicud island are located.

The boat was scheduled to leave at 11:30 AM. But before leaving, there was a coastguard who checked and even took a video of us before we leave the wharf. Another thumbs-up for the security measures.

Fare is Php 80.00 then travel time was one hour and fifteen minutes to be exact.

Isla Reta

We chose to stay overnight at Isla Reta.It was a sunday and all the rooms were fully booked. So we only got a tent where we can sleep. 

Tip: Make sure to go there in an off-peak season for you to enjoy more the place. Solitary moment indeed.

Expenses for our overnight stay was only Php 2,030.00 foods and entrance included. Again good for three persons.

Isla Reta

Ohhh, I loved this place! 

Next day, we catch the early morning boat schedule going back to Sta, Ana wharf since according to the people that we talked to, only two boat schedules are the normal schedule unless you rent your own boat. So it would be very expensive if we rent out a boat and we are just only three.

Fare going back was a little lower, we paid Php 60.00, at first we thought that the conductor just gave us an over change but when we told about it, he said that its more cheaper because we will no longer pay a terminal fee just like the other day.

We arrived 5mins. earlier than the scheduled time.

Back in the city: now goal is to go to Mt. Apo Highlands in Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos Davao del Sur.

Davao City

We first explore the Chinatown before leaving the city. We wanted to check if there are many foods available just like in other places, but there were none, well, maybe were too early. Haha! Even Mang Inasal there is not yet opened. We ended up eating our breakfast in bakery located at the corner of the strees. I ordered siopao, lug-lug (palabok), coffee and special mamon, puto and bibingka, oh I didn't eat all! The last three were reserve for our next destination and take note, it only costs around Php 90.00.

Kapatagan, Digos, Davao Del Sur

Terminal at Abreeza Mall
Terminal at Abreeza Mall

Across the bakery, we rode a jeepney (Route 10) then asked the driver to drop us in Abreeza. Mall. Near the supermarket, you'll find the terminal of shuttle buses going to Digos and other places like Kidapawan, Mati and Tagum.

Travel time from Abreeza Mall going to Digos City was approximately 2hours. Fare is Php 100.00. Then last stop is in the terminal. From there, we rode a tricycle to bring us in another terminal going to Kapatagan. Vans available are just an ordinary van. Take note no Aircon. Fare is also Php 100 going to Mt. Apo Highlands. Once the van drop you off the place, you have to walk by around 10meters going up to the resort.

During that time, since its a monday, We have all the luxury to choose the room we want, yeah, we were only the visitor sinve it was a weekday. We were able to get the room with the best view of Mt. Apo. You'll find a note posted in the room, i think it was number 10. "Be happy because you are 1,200 meters away from heaven."

After checking-in and placing our bags. We started our adventure. We rent a Habal-habal (a motorcycle with extended seat) going to Camp Sabros. Trek and rest alternately. Seeing the views of mountains Mt. Apo and Mt. Talemo. I will be biased, i know because I love mountains, trees, clouds. It was very refreshing despite of the fury winds. Seeing the horizons, oh I loved it!

Next stop Kublai Art Garden. I am in awe! You'll be able to see a view of Mt. Apo too, you have to go up to see the view of the whole garden. There's this words You. I. We. God. Love. Beauty. Earth. You'll get to appreaciate life well when you read the captions in those words adding up the lifesize artworks. Oh Kublai, I am your fan now. 

During the night, serenity took place. Only the sounds of wind and some birds are the sounds that you'd hear. Sooo cold! Two think blankets are not enough. Haha

Next: Lake Mirror. Quick glance of the place and lake Rosario. wehere I can say, you can see clearly Mt. Apo. Place was so peacufel and clean of course.

To summarize our adventure, It was indeed fun. It was as if owning an island and a resort so close to heaven for a little while. Kapatagan, another favorite place where you can just relax, unwind and literally chill due to the cold weather.

Ooooh Davao! you're such an awesome place.

How to get to Davao?

Book a flight from Manila to Davao. You’ll be arriving at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport. It is around 1 hour and 45 minutes travel time. Local airlines with direct flights from Manila are Cebu PacificPhilippine Airlines, and AirAsia.

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  1. Honestly have never heard of this place to visit before. Glad you finally were able to go. From the photos looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Wow, gorgeous! I must get here one day. I always love being near the water. Everything looks so green.

  3. Such a beautiful island and city! I spend a lot of time dreaming about visiting places like this. I need to add this island to my bucket list.

  4. I have friends from the Philippines and have heard so much about Davao City as a great place to visit. Looks like you had a wonderful time during your visit.

  5. Talicud island looked so beautiful! It's really cool that you lucked out with your view of Mt. Apo too!

  6. Looks like an incredible place to visit. I don't travel much but I hope to do it more someday. It's just not in our current budget.

  7. Oh wow what an absolutely amazing looking place! It looks like you found a gorgeous place to stay and what an area to get to explore as well.

  8. This place has it all! Water, mountains and a ton of fun. It is very beautiful.

  9. Davao is another of the gems of the Philippines, it looks so beautiful. I especially like the tranquil look of Talicud Island. Philippines is indeed a country that is blessed with so much natural wealth.

  10. I am in heaven! This place is beautiful! I want a vacation there!

  11. Your photos are just beautiful! I need to plan a visit here soon.

  12. The beach there looks so comforting! The sands are as white as it gets!

  13. So beautiful! I have never been to Philippines. This would be a perfect honeymoon spot for new couples!


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