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My Top Travel Tips

My Top Travel Tips

The world is so big and time flies so fast, why not travel and discover the world with your own eyes...

Most of my friends thought I am so rich that I get to travel a lot. I always ended up explaining how I was able to travel. It's my passion and for me I consider it as an investment for myself. Experiences along the way cannot be bought in any mall. And I save and allot a specific budget for every trip. 

It's the same thing as buying for a luxury/signature bag or an expensive or dream car for others. I save and do budgeting for this. I even let go of other things such as buying expensive clothes, make-ups, jewelries just like other women do and choose to spend on travel.

So how do I manage to travel?

Here I am sharing some of the things I do and consider important when planning/going for a travel.

Book flights ahead of time. 

Booking six months before your intended travel period will save you some bucks. Most of the time, I booked my flights during promo fares. I signed up on memberships so I can learn about and be updated whenever they are having some seat sales. I find it easy to search and book during off-peak hours, around 2 to 4 am. I have memberships with GetGo under Cebu Pacific, AirAsia Big Loyalty under Air Asia to name a few. Then I also check via Skyscanner and Traveloka from time to time to watch the fares. They will compare prices and you can set notifications so that you can see the fares go down. You can also try to mix and match flights and airlines. Consider also flying indirect to find the cheapest option.

Travel during off-peak season. 

I normally travel during off peak season. By choosing an off-season destination not only you save on accommodation and air fares, but you will also avoid the crowds which will give you a chance to get to know the place better, and live like a local. I think it is also nice that you get to help the locals survive during the off-peak season.

Plan your itinerary. 

Make sure to research on the places you would want to visit. Plan you schedule and locations to save time and of course money. Read blogs or go to tourisms website to check more informations. 

Travel light. 

I normally travel with a backpack and a small sling bag. I find it more convenient since I will no longer wait for my luggage when arriving to my destination. I bring light clothes which are enough for the days I will be traveling. Plan your outfits then pack it as a per day basis so you would not miss one. 

Take advantage of tour/travel applications and/or free museum/events/galleries. 

My Top Travel Tips
Free entrance in Shi lin Monastery. This is beside Nan Lian Garden which is free entrance as well.

Make sure to check out websites of the places you would visit. Most sites are free to enter and they usually offer free tours as well. Visit their official websites to plan your visit accordingly. You can also download free self-guided tour applications to help you on your trip. I normally check mine via Tourism websites of the country/local place that I would visit and Trip Advisor

My Top Travel Tips
Nan Lian Garden, Entrance is free.

Check out the modes of transportation.

My Top Travel Tips
Snapshot before riding the train in Hong Kong.

You can always save money on transportation. Make sure to check the means of transportation in the places that you would visit. Use train, subway and/or bus cards. Every major transit system has a website with fare information too so make sure to check it. It also normally offers multiple day and monthly passes with a variety of options. Also, make sure to be aware of the minimum fare so you would not need to haggle on prices when it comes to riding private cars or taxi. 

Check out the maps available online so you can check the distances of locations you will visit.

My snapshot of a map in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Join group tours. 

Joining group tours is also a way to save since some places or tours requires a minimum person. This also a way to meet new friends. Most of the time I check on Facebook Travel Groups and look for some people who has the same date during my travel.

Lastly, you travel to relax and appreciate the things around you. Take as many photos you want, document it and don't forget to enjoy! Planning and budgeting will be wasted if you will not enjoy it.

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