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Why I love online shopping?

Due to traffics everywhere, who would not love to shop at comfort of your own house?
What I love about online shopping is the convenience. No more traffic experience while going to the mall. Long queues in the counter and crowded malls.

Thanks to the internet, I can check whatever I need and want to buy and shop instantly through online shopping. I can do it whenever or wherever I am and just a click away.

I can hold for the meantime and change in case there are items I need to change or let go. Also, it gives me an opportunity to think twice through my purchases. I usually add all the stuffs that I like to my shopping cart and then I check each item again before paying then if I decided not to take the item or I don’t need it that much, I just hit delete/cancel order.

Just like malls who go on sale, in online shopping, I can score for deals as well. Yes, most of the time there are a lot of deals, discounts and promo codes.

ShopBack is my favorite, I get to shop and earn at the same time, for some food and groceries, Takatack vouchers are available. Since I love to travel, most of the time I am checking out the available flights with Qatar Airways promos and promotions. There are so many travel merchants that you can actually check-out.

I also check out my email regularly to monitor deals so that in case I have something to buy I can easily check deals.

This is a sample steps on how ShopBack works:

How Shopback Works

And to let you learn more about about how ShopBack works, you can watch the video.

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