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The inner child in me playing Grocery Cashier

As a freelancer, I am always in front of my laptop but to tell you honestly, it's not always about work. I make sure I find time for some leisure, so if I am not browsing social media pages, you will see me playing games or mock-booking flights.

Not a typical ROG game nowadays but many online games can be played once in a while. If you are my reader, you know that I have posted several blogs about online games. Most of the time, I play the games that I am playing back when I was young. Now, I will be sharing again some of the games I love to play during my past time or at least when taking a break at work to give myself some room to think too.

One of them is the Grocery Cashier game. The frustrated cashier in me is here, and the younger version of me really wants it badly. Back when I am in preschool, my always-requested Christmas gift is a Cash Register which I never received, ever! haha!

So here you go, I love playing this and making sure I am using my keyboard with numpad (number keypad) in this case. I like the feeling of having my own grocery and tapping into the amount the customer bought, receiving money as their payment, and giving them change. To give you an overview, Grocery Cashier is a game that I play to satisfy my younger self. But, if you have kids already, you can incorporate this game into your kids, so they can practice their mathematics skills in terms of addition and subtraction. They can also learn the monetary value while playing this game.

This is the traditional way of getting a customer and then punching in the goods that they bought, then receiving their payment and deducting vouchers if ever the customers have. Completing every customer is very satisfying.

If you are interested to play games online like this check out

They offer many interactive games that can help users learn more about managing money and making wise financial decisions. These games can be a fun way to gain practical knowledge about money management and financial planning and may be particularly useful for younger individuals or those who are new to managing their own finances. Such a win-win, enjoying while learning. 

Overall, the website appears to be a useful resource for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and make better-informed decisions about their money and enjoy it at the same time. Have you tried this website already? If yes, feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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