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Work from Home Job Opportunities

Work from Home Job Opportunities

I am telling you, Freelancing is NOT easy.

You need to go over and over. Tons of research, profile creation on different job portals, and resume revisions. Get ready to read the job descriptions and follow the instructions of each and every job hiring because they vary from time to time. Some may require you to provide a resume, some want a video recording and some want you to create a profile in their own data banks.

You may see so many freelancers showing off their high salaries on different social media platforms. But let me tell you, they have been working hard to be able to reach that stage. Not everyone is lucky to have a one-time big-time client or a high-paying job in one click.

Since many of my friends, readers, and followers are asking about where they can find online or work-from-home job opportunities. I am sharing the list I have over the years. I will update this from time to time so you can have many options to look for.

You have to do your homework. Research about it or explore these websites. It's up to you if you are really persistent. Good thing that there are many people who are already sharing their stories and experiences unlike before. Prepare yourself to have that attention to detail so that your application will not be wasted.

Try to learn new skills too because you have to be competitive. Job seekers are so many compared to job openings, so imagine the law of supply and demand.

Intellifluence for Writing Jobs, Social Media postings, and product reviews. Better if you have your own website and various social media accounts.





Agencies accepting applicants with or without Virtual Assistant experience (work-from-home jobs):

Working in an agency feels like you are working in a company except that it is a working-from-home setup. Some agencies provide laptops or pc for you to use while some require you to have your own equipment.

Healthcare-related Agencies:

Again, do your own research and apply at your own risk. Make sure that you are ready to face the freelancing life.

If you have additional information that we can add, feel free to put it in the comments section.

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