|FOOD| Mami Ni Tita Osang, San Pablo City, Laguna - Jona Shares

|FOOD| Mami Ni Tita Osang, San Pablo City, Laguna


Mami ni Tita Osang  is located at Brgy. VII B,  San Pablo City. Nearest landmark is a gasoline station and it is beside a carwash company. You will see it before you reach the school, Canossa College.

It is also a few blocks away from Sampalok Lake. You can opt to walk or take a tricycle if you went on jogging or simply visited one of the Seven Lakes in San Pablo City.


Talking about this, what is Mami by the way?

For the sake of my foreigner readers, here you go... 

Mami is a Filipino noodle soup which is made with wheat flour noodles, broth and the addition of meat either chicken, beef, pork. 

Mami is a favorite by Filipinos especially during rainy season. The hot broth warms the stomach and relieves the coldness in the body.


The best time to eat  Mami is early in the morning, we normally go here after attending Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi and whenever the weather is cold.

Some people also eat Mami after getting drunk, they said "Pangpatanggal ito ng tama or ng kalasingan", to ease their drunkenness.


You can eat this alone or pair it with egg, shanghai or puto (steamed Filipino Rice Cake). Add some seasoning such as Kalamansi, Chili, Fried Garlic and/or Pepper according to your taste buds. ;)

Try this when you head to San Pablo and let me know your experience in comments!


  1. These dishes look amazing. I like the way they plated it.


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