How to use Airport Immigration E-Gates in the Phillippines

by - February 12, 2019

Airport Immigration E-Gates in the Philippines can now be used by Filipino passengers holding machine readable passports (those that are with a ten-year expiry date).

Based on my experience. You can now use it at the Bureau of Immigration's electronic gates at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 arrival area. 

It is equipped with modern security features such as barcode reading (for your boarding pass and passport), facial recognition (comparing your picture in your passport and actual picture) and then biometric scanning.

The E-Gates is very easy to use and indeed speeds up the immigration processing. Don’t worry if it’s your first time because there are still immigration officers who are guiding the passengers while accessing the E-Gates.

With the use of the available E-Gates, the passenger will just go straight to the machine in front of the glass doors. 

Here are the steps on how to go through the airport immigration using the E-Gates:

  • Put your boarding pass first, once it is successfully read. It will prompt to place your passport. Place your passport details facing the machine.
  • Once both are okay, the next glass door will open and then you need to place your feet and luggage in the designated area. There is an instruction that you face the camera and then the picture that is in your passport will appear. Then another machine will capture your recent facial features and will compare it. You will then be instructed to put your right point finger so that biometrics data can be read. 
  • Once passed, another glass door will open and then the machine will release a sticker that you need to get and put on your passport. 
  • Then you are good to go... Easy as that.

It’s my first time to use it and I may say that it is very user friendly. E-Gates definitely make the immigration queue faster.

Though there are some instance that the passenger in front of me has to try three times because her boarding pass was unable to read by the machine. She was assisted also but still the machine cannot it it. She was advised to line up together with those who are using the old passports.

PS: I only had the picture of the sticker since picture taking is not allowed in the immigration.

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