2020 TAAL Volcano Eruption - Jona Shares

2020 TAAL Volcano Eruption

I remember experiencing and seeing actual volcano ashes when I was young. It was during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption.  Before I used to be amazed and annoyed at the same time because of the dust whenever me and my mom would go to Bataan before. My hair would be so difficult to comb whenever we will pass by in the areas affected. 

2020 TAAL Volcano Eruption
Photo credit to Ms. Angel 

News about the Mayon Volcano before would just make me think of the nearby areas and it would concern some of the friends I know which are near the Bicol area. Since we are in Laguna, we are not that affected by it. I only keep track on the news and updates by some friends.

Forward to 2020, Taal Volcano erupted yesterday. Now, I understand more what is happening. We are not too near but we have ash falls already. It can also be seen in some parts of San Pablo. What more to those in the nearby areas. To be honest, I am scared and yes, I am praying for those who are much affected by the eruption. Nearby areas need to evacuate already. Thank God for angels sent such as Local Government Units and Volunteers that are there to help.

2020 TAAL Volcano Eruption
Photo send by my brother-in-law while he is in Batangas Port Area

For now, let's be mindful of what to do and be prepared as well.

I can see some friends sharing what is happening and I am annoyed to those who are making this event a joke. Please, if you cannot help the victims, just please be quiet. Stop making memes or spreading fake news, instead make use of the social media to help keep other people informed of what should be done. Its the least that we can do. 

Let's all pray and hope for everyone's safety. Have faith and restore humanity.

Here are some guidelines on what to do during times like this.

2020 TAAL Volcano Eruption

2020 TAAL Volcano Eruption

2020 TAAL Volcano Eruption


Know more about Taal Volcano

I used to watch documentaries when I was young. I love to stay awake late at night because it is the time docu's were being aired. 

I remember watching this before, I just forgot when and might as well be a good way to let the people learn about the mysterious Taal Volcano.

Taal Volcano (Filipino: Bulkang Taal) is a complex volcano located in the big island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is in the province of Batangas and is the second most active volcano in the Philippines with 34 historical eruptions. All of these eruptions are concentrated on Volcano Island, an island near the middle of Taal Lake. 

The lake partially fills Taal Caldera, which was formed by prehistoric eruptions between 140,000 and 5,380 BP. Viewed from the Tagaytay Ridge in Cavite, Taal Volcano and Lake presents one of the most picturesque and attractive views in the Philippines. 

It is located about 50 kilometres (31 miles) south of the capital of the country, the city of Manila.

The volcano has had several violent eruptions in the past, causing loss of life in the island and the populated areas surrounding the lake, with the death toll estimated at around to 6,000. Because of its proximity to populated areas and its eruptive history, the volcano was designated a Decade Volcano, worthy of close study to prevent future natural disasters. All volcanoes of the Philippines are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Source: Wikipedia

Palace in the Sky after the eruption. Photo by my friend Cha

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