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Mystic Island of Siquijor

From Dumaguete, we took the earliest time bound for Siquijor. Two of us will be going back to Manila on the next day that's why we decided to just have a day tour while our other two friends opt to stay there overnight.

View in the port area

We rented a multi-cab in order to save time and since were four, its better to have it than taking a motorcycle.

With so little time, we were still able to visit must see places in Siquijor.

St. Isidore Church and Convent - as per our guide it is the biggest among the oldest in the Philippines and the in whole Asia. He also mentioned that it is one of the historical landmarks of the Philippines.

Enchanted Balete Tree

With a little amount of entrance fee, you get to see the old Balete tree with free fish spa! weeh, they will greet your feet when you dip your foot in the water.

Coco Grove Resort
- this is one of the resorts in Siquijor where many foreigners stay. The place is really beautiful but quite expensive for backpackers (well, for those tipid trippers.) We actually went here to check the place if my two other friends will like the rates haha!

Cambugahay Falls in Lazi - the must visit falls in Siquijor. A little walk in order to see the falls, I think it was around 135 steps (I hope I counted it correctly)

Salagdoong Beach - beeeeeaaccchhh! and there are man-made slides. You can also have a view of the whole beach when you climb up. You will also see this if you opt to ride the slides.

Capilay Spring Park - a spring park where you can see many kids swimming and playing along.

Guiwanon Spring Park - a sanctuary for marine habitats. It's really environment friendly. :)
There are also rooms available which are made of bamboos if you wish to stay for many hours or even overnight.

Yeah, the place is such a beautiful place. We also get the chance to stop on the highest point of Siquijor with an awesome overlooking view. 😃

Though we only spent a day, going back in Dumaguete gave me an amazing view... sunset!!! exchange of colors plus calm water and clouds...

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  1. This island looks amazing. I've never heard of it, but I will definitely be adding it to my places I must travel list.


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