Finding Your One True Love

by - June 27, 2018

Finding Your One True Love

I know all of us would want to have our own destined partner that we will be with until we grow old with wrinkles.

We found love in different ways. Some may marry their long term boyfriend/girlfriend. Some may have met their better half in the office or while studying while for some, they found their soulmate through a common friend. These are just some of those many reasons how they found their one true love.

There is a saying that “if you are meant to be and destined for each other, whatever happens, you will meet your special one at the right time and in the right place. Just wait and be patient.” However, I remember a friend saying the opposite thing about it. She said, yes, there is someone who are meant for you, but how will you find that person if you will just wait? I guess she has a point then.

So how do you find your one true love?

Sharing some experiences based on different love stories. One met her partner after she decided to resign from her work abroad and did a solo travel. Now, they are happily married and still travelling from one country to another. Both of their passion to travel is still part of their married life.

Finding Your One True Love

One of my sister is also happily married to my brother-in-law for almost fifteen years. They are strangers before who first known each other via text messaging or many would recall it as sms (short message service).

Finding Your One True Love

Another friend of mine found the love of her life from a free dating site. Yes, you heard it right. She was able to meet the one for her. Currently, they are living in Tennessee with their two-year old son.

Finding Your One True Love

With that, some may say that’s it’s just a hook-up. Probably many people are using this just for fun yet still many people also visit dating websites looking for a decent people and those who opt to have a serious relationship. With that, they can be more specific on what person they are looking to build up their relationship.

Finding Your One True Love

While me and another friend got to luckily marry our high school mates. One of my best test friend married his husband which is one level higher from us while me married my best friend who happens to be also our batch mate. Also, my classmates during MBA who became boyfriend/girlfriend also tied the know just last year.

For those who are still single and looking for love. Open you hearts and mind to seek for love. Think and give time and don’t forget to LOVE yourself first. With that, you must love yourself first before loving another person. Then make sure that you already know what you want. Like for the one you look forward to marry and be with you until the end of your heartbeat.

Finding Your One True Love

We may have different love stories to tell and it doesn’t matter how you were able to find it. What is important is that you know you have found the person whom you can share all your worries, achievements and of course, be with the person who will be your partner in creating your own family.

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