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BaBas Mediterranean Grill, San Pablo City

The new addition to my Where to Eat in San Pablo City, Laguna compilation is a Greek inspired restaurant.

I know many of us dreams of visiting Santorini in Greece as well. There are many resorts that were Santorini inspired too.

I have tried some Greek/Mediterranean cuisine in Cyma and Cafe Mediterranean and I am enticed knowing that there is something like that already in San Pablo City.

Panoramic View

BaBas Mediterranean Grill is one of the newest food joint in San Pablo City. I think they are just operating for around five-six months.

I always want to try it whenever I passed by but never got the chance to try since most of the time the parking is full. 

I love how the simplicity of the design and how they were able to nail the greek ambiance.

There is an open space and a close room which is made from a small container (used for cargo transport). Second floor is also available to accommodate more customers.

Look how simple and creative the owners are. A rough wall turned to a nice white-painted wall which brought the open area to life. Indeed one of the iconic spots in BaBas.

I Encouraged my friend to pose for me.

The closed room and stairs leading to the second floor. 

Kebab Platter, Pink Lemonade and Yogurt Shake

If you prefer to eat in the closed room, you need to remove your footwear and make an Indian sit. Two tables are available inside.

Overall, I enjoyed the food we ate. I will definitely be back.

Lastly, I enjoyed the time conversing with Declan, the owner's eldest son and also learned with Mr. Joel Macatangay, the owner that soon BaBas will be airconditioned to better serve its customers.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook Page: @babasmeditteraneangrill

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