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|Travel| Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand

|Travel| Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand

Are you looking to embark on a new experience in Thailand? Ready to enjoy the great affordability, ideal weather, and beautiful islands? Thailand, as you may already know, is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and that’s because of the multitude of places you can visit. But when your time is limited the decision on where to go becomes a much tougher one. 

Keeping that in mind, our list of the best travel destinations in Thailand will help you make your decision. 

  1. Chiang Mai 

This northern capital territory of Thailand will surely give you a different vibe which is far better than that of Bangkok. The cool weather and the hills covered with a sheet of greenery of this place works like a magnet that attracts visitors.
This place is considered to be a home for many artists and entrepreneurs who just cannot leave its friendly confines. Your bucket list of things to do in Chiang Mai cannot be finished without having a taste of the local culture and the food. It is prepared and contributed by the tribe people who live there.
Here are the various reasons for you to visit this mesmerizing place:
  • It reflects the culture and tradition of Thailand.
  • It has a lot of cheap and overnight marketplaces.
  • It has a lot of cafes and restaurants that provide food of different traditions.
  • It has numerous engaging activities for you to give a shot.
Check the link for further reading about Chiang Mai.

  1. Pai

Just a few years ago, this village was the prime destination for “Hippies”. The main point of attraction here is the riverside of Pai. Nowadays it is growing fast as a tourist attraction.
The one thing that you must see when you visit this place is the health culture of this place. It is not a fascinating thing that you will find a lot of places for yoga, retreatments, tai chi, and organic juices.
Here are the various reasons that can be the next reason for you to visit this place:
  • It has photogenic green fields and provides fresh air.
  • You will find many hot springs and waterfalls while being there.
  • If you are a health-centric person then this place is just meant for you because of obvious reasons (retreats, yoga centers, etc.).
  • You can enjoy motor biking in this area as well.

  1. Railay

This place gives the perfect feel of being on an island. However, it is a peninsula which is surrounded by gigantic mountains. The rock formations of this place are just perfect for a nice click. Moreover, it is the prime destination for rock climbing.
Here is a rundown of the top reasons to give this place a shot:
  • You can enjoy rock climbing in this place.
  • It has a lot of beautiful sceneries.
  • You will find a lot of hidden coves and beaches here.

  1. Ayutthaya

This place is just 2 hours away from Bangkok. Most of you might already know that it is declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO because of its range of traditional buildings which are spread across the city.
There cannot be any other subtle reason to visit this place than these:
  • It has an amazing archeology and ruins of ancient temples.
  • It reflects the history and culture of Thailand.
  • It has an amazing tree which is grown from the head of the statue of Lord Buddha.
Click here for further reading about Ayutthaya.

  1. Kanchanaburi

Riverside enthusiasts! Put your hands up because this place is famous for River Kwai that is the ideal place to get away from the rush of Bangkok.

  1. Islands of Thailand

There are various islands that you can visit to have a taste of various types of beaches, diving, and nightlife. You can also enjoy various beach parties while being there.

  1. Chiang Rai

Looking for a peaceful place? Then visit this place to enjoy the comfort of waterfalls and the peace of the white temple.

  1. Khao Sok National park

This place will take you away with its rainforest scenery and the formation of limestone. Moreover, you can also find some rafflesia flowers.

  1. Mae Hong Son

If you are an adventurous person then the caves and trekking location of this place will surely attract you. You can experience various Thai, Karen, and Burmese culture here.

  1. Isaan

Last but not least, this place is famous as the countryside for the friendliness of its people.

So these are the ten (10) places without which you can’t consider your Thai trip to be completed. Do you have another places to suggest? Share it in comments.

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