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|TRAVEL| Revisiting Capalonga, Camarines Norte, Philippines


February of 2018 when I first visited Capalonga, Camarines Norte and in the span of more than a year, you could really see how the municipality has been beautifully developed. I really admire the local governments effort to improve their tourism and how they keep on improving.

With all their hardwork, I really could see the big changes from my first visit compared this time. From the baywalk to boulevard, new accommodation available in town plus newly developed resorts such as Selfie Beach Resort and improved Tinago Beach Resort. Mommy Terry's Bulaluhan was also renovated to allow and accommodate more guests.

385th Foundation Day Parade

Capalonga's 385th Foundation Day

We arrived just in time for the Capalonga's 385th Foundation Day parade. Seeing the colourful costumes of the kids who will compete on the Cultural Presentation afterwards made me reminisce my first Bantayog Festival experience.

385th Foundation Day Parade
Kids marching during the parade

385th Foundation Day Parade
Colourful costume!

Sir Rod, Capalonga's Tourism Officer is very busy during the parade, we greeted him while he was in the motorcycle. Going back and fort during the parade. Since the staffs from the provincial tourism, Ms. Myrna and Jovanie are still with us. They are the one assisted us.

385th Foundation Day Parade

After the parade, we went to the Municipal Hall. We were able to meet Vice Mayor Jun Enero upon entering the hall. He greeted us and gave us a warm welcome. We were able to have a little chat with him and also a photo opportunity. It's so nice to meet such powerful/political person, he looks very down to earth and soft spoken. Very simple which somehow a distinct personality when you say "Politician".

With Capalonga Vice Mayor Juan Enero
Photo Op with Vice Mayor of Capalonga, Camarines Norte, Mr. Jun Enero (Middle wearing white shirt)
credits to Paula of www.paulapinkikaysworld.com

We had our breakfast and took some rest while waiting for the Cultural Presentation to be performed by participants coming from different schools.

Cultural Performance

Cultural Presentation

Colourful costumes and awesome performances by schools. The presentation were divided into two category: Elementary and High School division.

Cultural Presentation

Since the data connection is very good, I was able to do a Facebook Live coverage. Just check it out on my Facebook Page: Jona Shares and You Tube account: Jona Shares. Feel free to watch and share if you like. 

I was able to take a good video for the first two groups because there is no one in my front but as the program continues, more and more are sitting in front and I have a hard time taking a good video. 

Well, it's pretty normal when you are in the province. People are very eager to watch and very supportive to their schools performances.

Cultural Presentation
The crowd cheers for their respective schools.

We took our lunch after the Cultural Presentation and then we proceed at Enrico's Lodge and Diner, our accommodation. Took a little rest and freshen up as we will be going to the newly opened beach resort in Camagsaan then we will be going to watch the Mr. and Ms. Teen Capalonga 2019 in the evening.

Enrico's Lodge and Diner 

Enrico's Lodge and Diner
Balcony of our room

Enrico's Lodge and Diner is located just across the Gasoline Station. It is also walking distance from the Municipal Hall.

It has a restaurant below the lodging area. You can order food and drinks. I just forgot to take a picture of the restaurant but the place is nice and enough to accommodate probably around twenty persons.

There is a balcony from our room and you will get to see the view of the town. 

Enrico's Lodge and Diner
Our Room during our stay in Capalonga, Camarines Norte

Our room is good enough to cater eight persons. However, the aircon couldn't cope up with the room. Possibly because it's too hot during that time or the room is too big that the aircon cannot compensate with the floor area. 

Selfie Beach Resort

I was Astonished when we enter the resort. Time flies so fast. We've been here just a year ago and it was just a vacant lot and now who would have thought it could now be as beautiful as this resort.

It's nice to know that the owner is a native Capalongeรฑo. They put up the resort as they see a future potential in their hometown. I love the idea of giving back.

I love the place as it is very serene. The cabanas are nice and the rate is not very expensive. Also, you can rent the cabana overnight.

The resort is still having some construction. Adding more rooms to accommodate more visitors.

Tinago Beach Resort

Tinago Beach Resort also surprised me with their new nipa huts. They now offers overnight accommodation as well.

There is also a new restaurant that Tinago Beach will be opening soon. It is located in the highlands part. It will be restaurant with an awesome view; mountain on the right and beach at the left.

The see it as a good place for bondings, reunions and weddings as a matter of fact they just recently had a Christian Wedding setup in the said place.

Mr. and Ms. Teen Capalonga 2019

Thanks to the very good signal. I also did a live feed of the pageant. Watch it on my Facebook Page: Jona Shares. It was interrupted when the video is too long so I need to start again.

Watching the pageant makes me feel a teenager too. Haha! I remember watching like this when I was in High School. 

The crowd is very active and shouting their bets! Capalonga Institute seems like the most powerful group among the crowd. 

There are nine female candidates while seven for the male candidates. It is also the first time that there will be a Mr. Teen Capalonga since they used to held the pageant of females only. 

Capalonga Baywalk and Boulevard

Capalonga Lighthouse

This is also new to me which is now one of the iconic landmarks when you are in Capalonga. This is located along the baywalk beside the boats landing area.

You will see it immediately when you are going to the boulevard. This is one of the projects that they received from the local government.

Capalonga Sign and Lightouse

The tourism office is also near the baywalk area. You will first reach the office before you get to enter in the baywalk and basketball court. They also have two newly built comfort rooms which can be used by the visitors. Disclaimer: it's beautiful. I just forgot to take a photo. 

Pulong Guianlo

After breakfast at Enrico's Diner. we were all set for island hopping. Since we don't have the luxury of time, we just went to Pulong Guianlo. A thirty minutes boat ride from Capalonga Baywalk. It is the island that we were supposed to visit last time from BamBan Beach but wasn't able to go since the waves does not permits us to go there.

I remember, Sir Rod telling us that overnight is allowed in the island. However, what they need to improve is to setup a comfort room for the visitors. 

We arrived at the Talagpucao Fish Port and walk going to Mommy Terry's Bulaluhan where we will going to eat our lunch.

Mommy Terry's Bulaluhan

Still, the ever Jolly Mommy Terry greeted us. I asked her if she remembered me. This time she even offered a cold towel so we can be refreshed after a sunny trip from Pulong Guianlo.

As expected, Mommy Terry served us with her specialties. Indeed we have a very sumptuous lunch.

Mommy Terry's Specialties

After our lunch, we went back to Enrico's lodge as we need to prepare already going back to Daet since the terminal is there. Ms. Myrna told us that we can try surfing at Bagasbas beach if we can but then we opted not to. 

I really appreciate Sir Rod for very accommodating. He is so busy with everything but still, he managed to come with us at Pulong Guianlo. Hands-up to you Sir!

Capalonga feels like home to me. You wouldn't feel that you are an outsider in their town. I guess I will keep coming back to Capalonga to discover more of what it has to offer.

Camarines Norte is not just about Calaguas Island. There are so many unspoiled beauty that has yet to be discovered.

Have you been to Capalonga? Share to us your experience too!


  1. This looks like a fun time. I've never been to this area before. My kids would like the food: they are all about seafood. I am not!

  2. Wow, the performances were so good!! And the beach looked so peaceful and beautiful :)

  3. Wow what an absolutely amazing looking place to go and explore. What a colourful place with the festival going on and the food looks incredible. I'd like to relax on the beach.

  4. I love to travel, but Capalonga has never been on my radar until now. It looks like it is such a beautiful place to explore. It's wonderful that they are amping things up to help give tourism a boost to the area!

  5. I've never been to Capalonga before. I would love to visits though. So much to see and do!

  6. Goodness you know to make a place come alive with your writing style, photos, and videos! I love that I kind of knew how the videos would sound before I played them! As for your room, at first I was not impressed with the decor and 4 big beds in one room. Then it dawned on me how awesome that is! I have a lot of kids and often we have to get two rooms to sleep us all, we would all fit in that room though and that is not something we have ever experienced when traveling! Awesome!

  7. This looks like a great time! My family and I would love to visit there one day.(Rena)

  8. It looks like you had an amazing time from the sightseeing to the food - YUM!!! I especially enjoyed watching the cultural performances videos! The outfits are so beautiful and colorful and the children are absolutely adorable.

  9. When my husband and I lived in San Francisco, we had dear friends from the Philippines. Ever since then, it has been on my bucket list. Capalongo looks like a wonderful destination. How exciting for you to observe the changes.

  10. They accomplished a lot in a year. I can't believe how cool this looks.

  11. What a beautiful place to visit! And the food is fabulous! A must visit place!

  12. Just as I expected from a PH festival. Absolutely colorful, lively and filled with amazing foods. One of the most thrilling festival ever.

  13. What a beautiful place and so full of culture. I've never been to the Phillipines ever, but it looks like a lovely place to experience new things.

  14. That looks like so much fun. That would be amazing to be able to see in person. I would love to see all those beautiful outfits and all the amazing food too.

  15. It looks like you had an amazing time! I love all of the pictures you shared.

  16. This looks like such a beautiful destination. YOu all had a great time. I would love to visit one day!!

  17. I have always wanted to visit Phillipines! This place looks amazing! I would love to see the festival.


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