|TRAVEL| Reasons to Visit Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines - Jona Shares

|TRAVEL| Reasons to Visit Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines

Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines

This time we were able to visit the municipality of Mercedes in Camarines Norte...

We are all excited since we will be visiting not just one but seven islands. Amazed on what Mercedes has in store for its people and tourists. 

Expectation vs. Reality:

The islands are still virgin, I must say, so it meets my expectation. However, in due to the some time constraints we were not able to see all the seven islands but still, Mercedes didn't disappoint us with what we encounter. Here I am sharing to you some reasons why you should visit Mercedes.

Reasons to visit Mercedes, Camarines Norte:

  • Mercedes is the largest fishing bowl in the Bicol Region

Before we went on island hopping, we dropped by the fish port where the famous bulungan is being held. It normally starts early in the morning until around eight to ten in the morning.

You'll definitely got to taste a fresh seafood and indulge with the way it was cooked. There are stores (carinderia) that offers paluto which means you can buy the seafood you want and then ask the store to cook it for you. I just don't know how much would it cost you.

  • You get to see a mix of Sea, Sand and Nature within the islands of Mercedes.

The Municipality of Mercedes consists of many islands that will definitely entice your eyes and delight your summer experience.

  • Experience riding a small boat going to the snorkelling area. 

Snorkelling area is not near the shore. You have to ride a small boat wherein you and the boatman in it. Don't worry, they will guide you to the best spot and also will let you find Nemo in the area plus the other beautiful see creatures. 

Caringo Island, Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines
Snorkelling experience at Caringo Island, Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines. In the photo: Kenneth of www.kennethsurat.com

Islands in Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines

Let me share the beautiful places that we were able to explore:

Malasugui Island

Malasugui Island, Camarines Norte, Philippines
Malasugui Island aka Blue Marlin

This is the first island that we visited. Malasugui Island or the Blue Marlin Island is the smallest island. You can see the whole figure of it when taken by a drone. 

Caringo Island

This is the island where a barangay exists. There is a school, church and also the oldest house of the Ibasco's is located here.

Caringo Island, Mercedes, Camarines Norte
Oldest house in Mercedes, Camarines Norte

Caringo Island, Mercedes, Camarines Norte

Here in Caringo Island also we had our snorkelling experience. Indeed a fun experience, too bad, I forgot my underwater camera, wasn't able to document what I saw under the sea.

Apuao Pequena

With the mix of sea and sand in between. You get to experience being with nature full of trees and birds chirping plus you get to hear the waves along the shore. 

Apuao Pequena, Mercedes, Camarines Norte
Apuao Pequna Island photo op with my fellow travel bloggers. Photo credits to: www.katooga.ph
Imagine being in Baguio and nearby beaches at the same time...

This is also the place where the next Hammock Festival will be held.

Apuao Grande

Apuao Grande is where we stayed for the night. It is connected with Apuao Pequena and Apuao Sandbar and it used to be a private resort before. 

Canimog Island and Canimog Lighthouse

Canimog Island is the largest  among the Seven Islands of Mercedes, CamNorte. It is also known as the "Crocodile Island" because of its shape and has a lighthouse on its peak that was built on June 26, 1927 and considered to be the "Oldest Lighthouse in CamNorte and in Bicol Region."


  1. There are just so many great places to visit. Don't think I will get to all of them of course, will just enjoy reading about the different places.

  2. I would love to visit all the islands. They are so beautiful! My husband and I try to travel to a new island every year and this would be a wonderful addition to our island trips.

  3. Just leave me on the hammock with a coconut drink and I'll be good lol. I have never heard of this place but it looks so peaceful
    Kita Bryant

  4. I enjoy visiting new places. I have never been to the Philippines. Your photos bring it to life!

  5. I always love being near the water, so I need to get here one day. Your photos are so gorgeous. I'd like to ride around in a small boat.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful area. I love visiting relatively unspoiled beaches like this.

  7. It does sound like a fabulous place to visit and somewhere I have yet to go. Wow it's great that you can buy the fish and having cooked in the store!!!!

  8. This is a lovely place! I really like beaches, it is relaxing and breath taking!

  9. I used to travel to Camarines Norte when I was working in Cam Sur. It's been so many years since I was in Bicol.

  10. This looks like an amazing place to visit. I would love to visit this summer with my family. It really looks like the perfect family vacation.

  11. I've never been to Bicol, but I would love to visit someday. That view of the island is stunning. Philippines is definitely a beautiful country. :) -Lynndee

  12. I can imagine there are some impressive creatures to see while snorkeling! Wow! This would be a great trip.

  13. It looks like such a perfect vacation spot. I would love to go there one day.

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