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What's The Best Option for Your Kid: Private Tutoring or Tutoring Class?

 What's The Best Option for Your Kid: Private Tutoring or Tutoring Class?

Education is really an important gift we could give to our kids. But what do you think is the best one for your kids?

Ideally, a school should be able to fulfil all the academic needs of a child. In reality, however, many students are having trouble following the pace of their teacher and classmates, are crushed by the competitive nature of a class, or simply having bad luck of getting incompetent teacher in their class. If your children are having the trouble mentioned (or not mentioned) above, I bet right now you’re looking for a solution to help them. Thankfully, these days, it’s not hard to find one. Tutoring services is one of the best solution to help your children who’s having trouble keeping up with their lesson at school.

Because the demand for better education increases, tutoring services sprouts out everywhere these days. You can find many tutor centres and more college students and teachers offering their service as private tutor. You can just browse the internet, go to tutor service website, and hire private tutor from there.

As a parent, I believe you’ll want to give the best help for your children, but there are so many options for tutoring to pick, and sometimes you’re not sure which one is the best for your children. Today, we’re going to compare two of the most popular type of tutoring: private tutoring and tutoring centre, and look closer at their pros and cons.

What's The Best Option for Your Kid: Private Tutoring or Tutoring Class?

Pros and Cons of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring has many recognizable benefits. One of the best benefit that set this extra learning program apart from the others is the attention it gives to your children. Private, one-on-one tutoring, make sure that your children is in the centre of the learning process. The tutor would make custom module that help your children based on their learning style or their strength and weakness on the lesson. During the tutoring time, the tutor will have enough time to explain his or her lesson slower, or even re-explain if needed, because there is no other children to spare his or her attention to. If your children encounter any difficulty, there’s a higher chance the tutor will notice rather than not, and work on a solution for the problem.

Another benefit is the flexibility of the schedule. With private tutor, should any emergency happen that make your children unable to attend the session, you can either change the date of the tutoring or cancel it altogether (and you don’t have to pay for that cancelled session), although this also depends on the popularity of the tutor. Private tutoring also offers flexibility of the tutoring place. You can arrange for the tutoring session to be held at your house, if you’d like. That way, you don’t have to drive and pick up your children every time from a building in the city. Having tutoring session at home also ensure that you can still supervise the session without being overbearing.

There are so many other benefits as well, from its effectivity in helping your children to actually reach their academic goal, to its practical and easy way to find and hire a tutor online. However, of course private tutoring also has cons side, just like every other thing in this world.

For the cons of private tutoring, the most glaring one is of course its price. Tutoring is expensive. You can probably find some tutors with cheaper rate online, but remember that most of the time, quality came with price. If your children are still in elementary school, hiring college students is probably alright. However, the older your kids are, the more you’ll want to give him real tutor with experience that can catch up with your kids’ grade, someone who has the expertise and recognition for tutoring.

What's The Best Option for Your Kid: Private Tutoring or Tutoring Class?

Pros and Cons of Tutoring Class

Tutoring class have three clear advantages for you and your children. First, it is usually budget-friendly. Compared to private tutoring, where you have to pay for the tutor alone, in tutoring class the cost can be significantly lower because there are many students that can shoulder the tutor’s fee, as well as the operational cost of a class.

Second, your children will have fellow classmates, and this can motivate them to attend the class routinely and actively. Friends can also motivate them to give their all, especially when their friends started to get successful result from the class – like getting better grade or getting praised by the teacher.

Third, it puts less pressure on the children, compared to private tutoring. On private, one-on-one tutoring, your children are the only centre of the attention of the tutor, so every mistake they made will be immediately noticed. While this can also be a pro argument, since it’s better for children to learn about their mistake early then correct it; it also can make children overly cautious and burdened, which may impact their enjoyment for learning.

Meanwhile, the cons of tutoring class are pretty obvious. First, it is not that much different from a class at school, with significantly reduced number of students. I means that your children still need to compete with other children to get the tutor’s attention, albeit not by that much. Second, because they attend the class with other children, they may get side-tracked into using their class time to talk or play, instead of studying. The class-like environment could be distracting instead of helping them to focus.

Now, you must already have a clear picture about private tutoring and tutoring class, including their positive and negative points. However, just the pros and cons aren’t actually enough information to make a decision. Pros and cons for both type of tutoring will change according to your personal situation. There are three things that you should consider as well: your budget, the quality and availability of tutor and tutoring class in your area, and the most important of them all: your children’s personality and preference for learning. Only after gathering all those necessary information you can pick the best option to help your children achieve their best potential.

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