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Key to a Stronger Relationship

Key to a Stronger Relationship

They say, being happy is a choice. Who would not agree to that statement? Well, it’s also applicable when it comes to love. It’s also a choice but you have to work on it as well. Probably, in these generation, many would agree to it that you have to find love. Gone are the days that people go on long term courtship and long term engagement.

Now many people tend to believe that it is not about the term nor the time but it’s about the quality of the time spent with the people you think is the one for you.

You have to be responsible enough and know what you want in life. Same with what you want to be in the future or you can also imagine yourself with the person you dreamt of.

Just like in my previous post regarding my United Kingdom based client, she knows that this time, she is not yet into that serious relationship and commitment. She is taking her time and enjoying his singlehood. She said that there are many ways to be happy. Going out with friends, travelling from different places and ticking off her bucket list, working, and of course socializing which trying some free dating site on the side as part of her meeting different types of people. She meets people with the same interest and the same thoughts. Well, maybe in due time, she would be interested to be with a person that she would think she would be with for the rest of her life.

I love conversing with people and talk about their different stories. It’s somehow interesting how many had happy endings but still there are so many stories. Some may be very serious, some has so many ups and downs but still there is these we always believed happily ever after.

There are so many avenues where you can find in the internet word. Yes, thanks a lot to our continuously innovating technology. It’s now so easy to talk and communicate to people all over the world.

Just like Match Me Happy, it’s a virtual place where you can actually find your perfect match if you are looking for people who are also looking for the same. There are so many avenues to finally look for your ideal person, but how will you do it?

Key to a Stronger Relationship

First, you have to give some time for it. It should not be just for fun. You have to invest your time and willing to look out and search for the person that you think fits with your interest too because there are so many people out there but you have to choose the best one that you think is right for you.

Then when you get to choose the right one for you, make sure you both learn from each other. Get to know the person more and from there, you can feel if he/she is the one that you are really looking for. The more you are together, the better. You get to see the different sides of the person and it’s up to you if you appreciate or dislike those traits that you will see. So be ready for it.

Make sure that you also have a very open communication. Be open to each other, share your thoughts and feelings. Also, make sure to make them feel special even through words. Always, maintain a positive outlook so both of you can be attracted to positive vibes too. Be supportive to each other.  Learn to give compliments whenever any of you achieve something.

And the three words that should always be part of any relationship: LOVE, TRUST and RESPECT for each other.

Key to a Stronger Relationship

I am not sure if I can say this as an inspiring story but I guess it’s my time to share a little bit of my story…

Me and my husband are high school batch mates. We used to be really good friends however, we lost our communication when we part ways for college life. We just met after some years and that time, we were already both working.

We talk, go on dates until we formally tagged ourselves as a couple. We are under long distance relationship because he works as a seafarer. The three word that I share to you is our foundation. Indeed, it makes our relationship as strong as those who are not long-distance. Since we know that we both love each other, respect each other’s decisions and goals in life and definitely keeping up the trust for each other that no matter what life will bring to us. Still there is nothing that could separate us.

To cut the long story short, we are now happily married. Going on our eight year as a couple and turning three this coming December as husband and wife.


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