South Cebu Experience

by - August 30, 2017

Expect a full-pack activities such as trekking, canyoneering, swimming with the whale sharks and a lot more.

This is my second time to visit Cebu and this time, our main focus is to explore the South side of Cebu in the Philippines.

Our itinerary involves a lot of water activities. I have arranged the itinerary in order to maximize our time and enjoy the best of what South Cebu can offer. Here are the activities that we did.

Visiting the Church is our very first activity.


Canyoneering was indeed a great experience. Make sure to  recharged your energy as it  involves walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping , rappelling and swimming in order to go on. It was also a test of our courage and our trust to our guides especially when jumping.

Blurry picture but reminds me of being able to have the courage to jump. I did it!

This also includes seeing the beautiful Kawasan Falls after the trekking. We experienced the falls massage while riding the balsa.


Moalboal is the place where we did the island hopping.

You will be amazed to experience swimming with thousands of fishes in the sardine island. Seeing turtles in the turtle island, but this will test your patience and try bringing the best of luck to be able to see them. They swim so fast. Then see beautiful fishes around Pescador Island. The only picture I had since my photos were corrupted. Yeah, super sad. :(


Riding the Habal-habal and a little trek will make you see the beautiful view at Osmena Peak.


Another Habal- habal ride and then you will get to see the beauty of Tumalog Falls.

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Another highlight of our activity is being able to experience swimming with the "Butanding".  They are very friendly. 

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A beautiful island where we had lunch and swimming under the sun.


  • Make sure to book ahead of time. Look for some tour operators so they can provide available slots and arrange your tours as well. Check out MCDC Travel and Tours for affordable packages and friendly guides. You can also check out their Facebook Page: @mcdctravelandtours. They provide customized packages as well in case you want private group tours.

  • Don't forget to bring your waterproof cameras and action cams since there will be a lot of water activities. 

  • Bring shoes that you can use for the Canyoneering as you are not allowed to wear slippers during the activity. In case you missed to bring one, just ask where you can rent since there are available shoes for rent so don't worry. 

  • Sunblock is prohibited when you will be swimming with the whale sharks.
Trying out the local food is always part of the trip

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