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Aug 22, 2017

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Day Trip Experience at Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Another day for my solo adventure in Hong Kong. 

This day is dedicated to Lantau Island. It is one of the many islands which makes up the Chinese territory of Hong Kong. 

I missed to see the beauty of this island when I first visited Hong Kong.

It is one of the tourist attractions, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car which takes visitors from the Tung Chung MTR station to another of Hong Kong’s amazing sights, the Big Buddha and the nearby Po Lin Monastery and other place to see.

I had a day trip here, actually this is my second attempt due to the storm signal. Good thing on my second try, I get to see the Big Buddha, the monastery and was able to ride the clear cable car.

I started riding the MTR then rode a bus which is going to Big Buddha. I just walk and check some signs in order to start my day. I first head to the Bid Buddha and was able to reach the top.

Next stop, I walked and walked until I found the Wisdom Path. I love it since there is a little number of visitors there. I think we were just five people who went that time.

Po Lin Monastery is my next destination. Then walk around and then ask for some directions on how can I go to Ngong Ping Village.

I enjoyed the village, explore it and fortunately, there is a show in the village, so I watched it and enjoy the village. 

I bought a ticket to ride the crystal cable car as my way of getting back. I really enjoyed my day. Thankful for the good weather that time and see the wonderful nature view that Lantau Island has to offer.

No wonder tourists and locals love to visit the island.

Here are some information I learned about during my Lantau Island:

Big Buddha is the first place of call. Standing at a height of thirty-four meters, around one hundred twelve feet, the bronze statue is one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world. This beautiful statue sits on a throne of lotus which symbolizes purity in Buddhism.

On each side of the staircase, there are three Bodhisattvas (six in total). For those who don’t know, Bodhisattvas are Buddhist deities who help mortals reach enlightenment.

Under the Big Buddha lies a mini-museum about the life of the Buddha and his path to enlightenment.

The view is amazing when you are at the top.

Po Lin Monastery, on the other hand is located near the Big Buddha statue is the monastery. It was first built in the 20th century, the Buddhist monks were attracted by the seclusion. Po Lin (also known as ‘precious lotus’ monastery became very popular and a place of pilgrimage in the 1920s when the first abbot was appointed and the Great Hall was built.

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