|TRAVEL| Have you experience Travel Misadventures? - Jona Shares

|TRAVEL| Have you experience Travel Misadventures?

|TRAVEL| Have you experience Travel Misadventures?

I know that when we think of traveling. It means relaxation, chilling time, ticking off the bucket list and being excited to see so many beautiful views that we look forward to.

Every travel is carefully planned. However there are some mishaps that we cannot control.

Here are circumstances that we must also prepare and how are we going to deal with it.

|TRAVEL| Have you experience Travel Misadventures?
Relax and you got this!

Delayed and Cancelled flights

I know airlines do not want to arrive late or even change their flights. However due to some circumstances such as weather condition, airport congestion and air traffic, they need to adjust to the situations.

They also need to consider country regulations for some instance like travel bans or restrictions.

How to deal with it?

Make sure to regularly check your mobile phones and email as there will be advice and updates from your airlines that there will be a change advisory regarding your flight. With that you can also adjust your travel itineraries ahead of time.

Also, make an allowance regarding your itinerary. Don't make your trip schedule fully loaded before and after the flight to give way for some flight changes as well.

Weather Conditions

We often forget to check the weather when we create our travel plans. But it is indeed an important thing to consider. Who would want to go on the beach and enjoy swimming when it's raining or a storm is coming or probably hits the place you are visiting. For sure it will mess up your schedule.

How to deal with it?

Include checking the weather forecast months or weeks before your travel period.
Make some options on what activities to do in order to give way of certain weather fluctuations.

Late or Lost Luggage

For me, I normally go on travel with a backpack, this is a personal preference so as to avoid some hassle waiting for your luggage in the counter. But when travel is long and it means I need to bring some more. Luggage is a must so we must also prepare for some problems such as your luggage being lost during your flight, like it was loaded to another flight or destination or they missed to load it in the flight you are currently on. It happens in some cases. 

How to deal with it?

In case your travel is only for a few days, pack light so you would not need to check in your things.

Always make it a hobby to include one or two pairs of clothes in your hand carry luggage to be prepared in this kind of situation. Also don't forget your luggage label and secure so it will not be lost.


  1. I think illness is also a thing to be prepared for - especially when visiting countries that have a different type of cuisine that your tummy is used to (for Brits the big ones are India, South America and anywhere in Africa really). Good list, thanks for sharing! x

    1. Ohh, great suggestion. So probably having the necessary medicines should be prepared for this as well. Thanks Becca!


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