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Malamawi Island, Basilan, Philippines

Malamawi Island, Isabela City, Basilan, Philippines

When I booked our flight going to Zamboanga, Basilan is one of my target place to visit. And upon searching I found out that there is a white beach that we can visit there.

Originally we should be seven persons to visit Basilan but since there are some hesitations with regards to safety, we opt to rearrange our itinerary as I really want to push it. I'm glad that my husband supported me so we continue what was initially planned. Luckily, our flight was changed, we were able to do booking changes without any additional cost. Some sort of blessing in disguise.

Welcome view

I intend to arrive in Zamboanga one day earlier with my friends flight so we can still push Basilan.

Kids playing around the beach

The beach is so clean and the sand is powdery white and yes, I must say, my Zamboanga-Basilan trip would not be complete without visiting Malamawi Island.

Most of us, especially Filipinos, fear the word Basilan or the place itself. We normally heard not so good news about the place and that's the reason why some travelers are hesitant to visit the place.

I did a research about the safety with regards to tourists, I must say I have seen positive comments and somehow, there's this feeling that its indeed safe... or just because I really want to go there? hahaha

With the help of social media, I found the tourism's officer, Ms. Shaheena's number and I coordinated with her about my schedule. She's very accommodating and she patiently answered my questions. Unfortunately we were not able to meet her during our visit.  

Kids playing and basking under the sun

How to get to Malamawi Island:

Going to Malamawi Island on a day trip.

⛴ Ride a ferry via M/V Stephanie (Zamboanga-Isabela City)

✈️ Book a flight bound to Zamboanga
  Php 50.00 terminal Fee Php 11.00 (1-2 hours ride) earliest schedule is 6:45 am 

 Isabela Port to Malamawi Island Php 5.00 (5 minutes)

🏍 Habal-Habal ride Php 25.00 each (one way) 15-20 mins.

⛴ Fastcraft Php 150.00 Weesam Express last trip 4:45 pm travel time 45mins.

     Terminal fee: Php 4.00

Malamawi Beach Resort Entrance: Php 30.00 per head. 

Please take note of the resort's new management.

Contact number: Ms. Hannah (0906) 271 3143

You can also contact the very accommodating Ms. Shaheena Asama, Basilan local tourism officer: +63 917 673 7570 

Co-passengers enroute to Basilan
Approaching the port.
small boat ride oing to Malamawi Island

Panorama shot


  1. The white sand beach looks gorgeous. I've never been to Basilan yet. But this reminds me of Boracay.

  2. That looks like my kind of place to stay! I really do want to visit the Philippines.

  3. I have never heard of this place. It looks like it is a beautiful place to stay if you do your research.

  4. I have been to the Caribbean one time and I loved it. The beaches are so pretty compared to the ones in the US. The water is also calmer and crystal clear too. Our beaches have more surf so it isn't crystal clear. This sounds like a great place to stay. I am glad that you found out that it was safe to travel there before you went.


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