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Reminiscing The Good Old Days with Mom


November is my mom's birth month. I miss her so much and yeah, playing this game reminds me of her and definitely makes me miss her more. Remembering how I used to stare at her playing cards while she's in her siesta mode. 

How I relax and recharge while working. 

I have been a fan of online games as this is my past time whenever I want to relax and free my mind from thinking about work stuff. 

I don’t know but I love games that let our minds think. Some may say, I'm ridiculous and may ask why do you have to play something that would make your mind busy if you want to relax. I guess I just still want to let go of the things that bother my mind and replace it with a thing that lets me think and still enjoy at the same time. Just like when I am playing solitaire and the likes.

I want to still exercise my mind so that I can be more flexible and ready for mind-blowing things at work hahaha. It somehow releases some tensions and at the same time makes me more relaxed.

To be honest it's really one of my pastime games even during my high school days. Before, when I do have projects and tend to be pressured and when my brain is no longer working especially when it's a report or an essay assignment. I would stop and just play a solitaire game. It was already installed on our desktop. Back in the days that we don’t have the internet at home. And to be honest, most of the time I even forgot to finish my assignment as I enjoy playing solitaire hahaha. I learned to play this back when I was a kid, I normally watch my mother play it using the actual cards we have at home when I was a little girl. I actually learn from her the basics of it and even a way for me to learn the numbers from one to ten, and the heart shape too! Oh, how time flies!

Moving forward, now that I am working, I am much more conscious of the time I spent so I just prefer playing online so I can immediately stop when necessary. 

I stumbled upon when I am searching for some online games. Initially, I thought it was only the solitaire that they are offering. I am totally wrong when I explored it! The games that I played when I was young were there! Sudoku, Scrabble, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, and the likes are all there! I bet those who came from the same generation just like me can totally relate to it! hahaha, Guess our year? Days when you cannot connect to the internet easily so we are into installed games such as the free solitaire in our desktops. Internet before is just dialed-up and very slow and expensive compared to this days.

For the crossword puzzle, I love that it has a timer too! You can challenge yourself to finish it at your own phase. I am sure you will have.                                        

I love that it is online so there is no need to download it and that it is easily accessible whenever you are. Play whenever you want. When you are bored or you want to exercise your mind. It's s good game to play.

If you have more suggestions on what to play, preferably an online mind game, just let me know in the comments section. Thank you!

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