Intelegencia Ends 2020 With An Incredible Growth Despite The Global Pandemic - Jona Shares

Intelegencia Ends 2020 With An Incredible Growth Despite The Global Pandemic

During the last month of the year 2020, Intelegencia BPO celebrates with its employees and partners after facing its most eventful and tough year yet.

The global pandemic and the lockdown that followed brought the company countless hurdles since March of 2020. In line with the lockdown were transportation shutdowns, client business woes, and “new normal” guidelines were some of the challenges that threatened to disrupt the organization’s productivity. Thankfully, Intelegencia powered through by creating solutions to overcome the global pandemic one at a time. 

As soon as the government announced a nationwide quarantine, the company immediately got to work and found ways to support the members of the organization. Intelegencia implemented a work-from-home arrangement and offered shuttle services in order to sustain its operation since public transportation became unavailable due to the lockdown. Just recently, the team also invested in its very own shuttle vehicles. 

In addition, The global pandemic did not hinder the company to do employee engagement activities. Intelegencia made the extra effort to create a happy environment for its employees through various activities. This year’s projects, to name a few include the Fitness Challenge, INTG Superheroes Contest, Music Icons Quiz Night, and the recent Year-End Party.

On the external side, it was business as usual for the members of the company. They stayed true to their promise of offering uninterrupted service as HR outsourcing service providers and international HR consulting services. Soon enough, they churned out impressive results and earned a client growth of 62 percent. The onboarding of new partners, coupled with the trust given by their existing accounts, allowed the Intelegencia team to grow from three hundred (300) members to five hundred (500) by the end of the year 2020. Indeed, still a grateful year for Intelegencia for gaining such growth.

Aside from work with clients, the company likewise participated in projects to give back to our kababayans in need. Its members extended their help in the form of donation drives to various communities affected by the COVID-19 situation and the recent typhoon disasters that highly affected the country through the “Sharing Is Caring” program. The Bayanihan spirit, which Filipinos are highly known for, is really with us in spite of what is happening around us. The support of the members of the organization is really incredible.

Ending the year 2020, Intelegencia gives credit to its hard-working members for its notable success. “I didn’t know if we were going to survive as a company [and] as a group. But thankfully, Intelegencia globally survived. Intelegencia Philippines did outstanding this year,” shares Founder and CEO Perry Chaturvedi. 

Despite what had happened in the year 2020, Intelligencia is still looking forward to a better new year.  With fresh ideas and a newfound determination, the team is all set to face 2021 and ready to achieve even bigger goals. Hard work, determination, resiliency, and of course teamwork will make it possible to dream big and let the year 2021 be another memorable year for Intelegencia.

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