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|Travel| Romblon, Philippines

Once a year, we see each other not in malls or fancy restaurants but in a place that we want to explore.

This time, thanks to Vin of World Behind My Wall for booking our trip. 

We have places to visit in mind but since the contact numbers we have didn't reply and one has no schedule during that time. We just arrived and let's see where our itchy feet would reach. We actually arrived at Tablas with no contacts and a specified itinerary.

After arriving at the airport. We bought water and a little merienda in the nearby store then we just asked Manang about the possible tricycle rate and she was so accommodating, she even got someone for us. His name is Kuya Oyet.

We decided to visit and just stay at Aglicay Beach Resort so we can have a good rest as well.

Aglicay Beach Resort

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
View of the hillside rooms

Aglicay Beach Resort is a private beach located in Alcantara, it is below the southeast corner of Tablas Island, Romblon. Palm trees tower over the white sand, creating a natural wall between the accommodation and the private beach.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines

We are lucky enough that we decided to go there on our first day as the whole resort is closed on the two following days due to a company outing. The staff also accommodate our request to have an overnight. We just told her that we will be leaving very early in the morning to catch a trip going to Romblon Island.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
A picturesque view while waiting for our merienda to be served at the restaurant.

We took the hillside room which is Php 1,900.00 which is already good for three people. Visitors from outside the resort are welcome to enter for just Php 50.00 (fifty pesos) per person and enjoy Aglicay Beach Viewpoint as well as the spectacular beach. Since we will be staying there, there is no need for us to pay the entrance fee.

We placed our things in the room then ordered food for merienda and also ordered our dinner in advance.

Aglicay Beach Viewpoint

This is also located at Aglicay Beach Resort, we intend to visit it before sunset. The staff gives us the direction on how to go to the viewpoint. It's very easy because there is already a path that would lead you to the stairs. 

We walked up the stairs down the far end of the beach. At first, we thought it was already the viewpoint because the view is already beautiful. Took some pictures and decided to go through the path. The view did not disappoint. Indeed a great view of Aglicay Beach Resort and a very nice view on the other side too. Another magnificent sunset view for us!

We had our dinner, freshen up and then have a good night's rest. Scheduled our alarm clocks as we need to leave early to catch the earliest boat going to Romblon Island.

We talked to Kuya Oyet and scheduled our pick-up for two in the morning (2 A.M). He came around 1:30 and then we left immediately.

It was a dark and long drive but we safely arrived. It's very early, around 3 A.M but there are many people already waiting. Unfortunately, they said that the boat that was scheduled for that time will not sail because it has to be repaired. So since we are already there, we just waited for the 6 A.M sailing schedule.

Tiamban Beach

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines

Tiamban Beach is beside or shall I say just around the corner from Bonbon Beach. This is the beach next to Bon Bon Beach.

A place perfect for swimming. We are so lucky that the place is not crowded. Aside from the two caretakers, we are the third group during that time. First was a family of four and then the other one is two old ladies eating.

The entrance fee for adults is forty pesos (Php 40.00). Among the beach that we have been to during our Romblon escapade. This is probably the most swimming-friendly among others that we have visited.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
The Bon Bon Beach Sand Bar is at the back.

We swam until the afternoon hoping that the Bon Bon beach sand bar will appear already. We decided to visit the other beach since the caretaker told us that the sand bar will probably appear around 5 PM.

Talipasak Beach Resort

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
Talipasak beach view on my left side

Talipasak Beach is also known as San Pedro Beach Resort. For me, it is one of the gems of Romblon Island has to offer. Thanks to my instincts, I decided to request our trike driver to visit the place. So after we swam at Tiamban Beach and since we are still waiting for the sand bar to appear. We decided to go at Talipasak then.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
Talipasak beach view on my right side.

It is a long ride from Tiamban Beach. My two friends fell asleep already while en route to Talipasak. It is hidden away down a side road, the trip was a little scary haha but when we arrived, I am amazed by its beauty! Worth the ride as this is a perfect place for relaxation. The ambiance is very peaceful.

What I love about the place is that you can really relax here. There are benches made of marble and hammocks in which you can sit and relax. What makes it nicer is that you will be overlooking the crystal clear and peaceful water. The three of us find the perfect spot to take a nap before going back to Bon Bon Beach.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines

The water here is colder compared to Tiamban Beach. However, the depth of the water is quite unpredictable here compared to Tiamban Beach.

There is a restaurant where you can order food as well. By the way, the entrance fee is Php 50.00 (fifty pesos) only.

Bon Bon Beach

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines

Bon Bon Beach and its sand bar is one of the must-see place/beach when visiting Romblon Island. It is one of the best beaches in Romblon Province so we should not miss it.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines

Bon Bon Beach is free for all. I love that it is free of charge so everyone would be able to see its beauty.

It's a long walk if you are going to the sandbar but who cares walking in the sun with the beautiful view and clean water touching your feet on the shore.

We waited for sunset here and it did not disappoint. Got to experience swimming as well and made our day well spent.

Before ending our day. We visited the marble shopping center and look for some pasalubong and remembrance.

First in the morning, before going back to San Agustin. We planned to see the must-visit places around.

St. Joseph Cathedral

We visited the first St. Joseph Cathedral, it is the oldest church in the province which was originally built in the fifteenth (15th) century but is now reconstructed with its facade made of marble.

We were not able to go inside because there is an early morning mass during our visit. I just say a little prayer outside. Thankful for our experience and wish for guidance on our travel.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines

After visiting the church, we went next to the ticketing area to reserve our seats before roaming around.

The next stop is Fort San Andres which is also within walking distance only in the port area.

Fuerza de San Andres (Fort San Andres)

Fort San Andres looks like Fort Santiago. It's a lookout place over the main town of Romblon Island.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
Stairs going up to Fort San Andres, Romblon

The journey going to Fort San Andres entails a long set of walking upstairs. We have some stops because there are areas where you would want to stop and see the view.

Also, since it's a little early, we waited until it opens at seven in the morning (7 A.M).

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
Trying to open the door so we can see what's inside.

When we reached the top the guard was just about to close the gates. We had just made it up in time to catch the sunset out over the ocean. You are allowed to climb to the roof of the Fort and from the roof, we sat on the walls and watched the sun disappear into the horizon.

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
Me, Alvin and Gina with the caretaker of Fort San Andres.

Binucot Beach

|Travel| Romblon, Philippines
Running and excited to soak. Who would not love this view, right?

How to Get to Romblon?

By Air:
  • Tugdan Airport in Tablas is the gateway to the province by plane. Cebu Pacific regularly flies to and from Romblon. From the airport, we rent a tricycle to go to Alcantara.

  • You can also catch a ride going to Odiongan Port or hop on to ferries going to Romblon Island.

  • You can also travel by land going to San Agustin where there are regular boat trips (10AM and 3PM) to Romblon. Meanwhile, Romblon to San Agustin boats departs at 8AM and 1PM every day via M/V Querubin and Star Horse.

By Sea:

Batangas to Romblon

From Batangas, several shipping lines serve Batangas – Romblon (Odiongan, Romblon, San Agustin, and Sibuyan) every day. Make sure to check their ferry schedules. 2GO and Montenegro Shipping Lines are the two among those who have a sailing schedule.

I will definitely go back! There are still so many places to explore!

Have you been to Romblon? Which place is your favorite? Share your experience too!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful place, one beach looks more stunning than the next! Thanks for sharing, the great information, and the lovely pics!

  2. The beaches in Romblon are so dreamy and beautiful! I like to travel without plans as well, so that I can discover a new place on my own pace.

  3. Thanks!!! I have an upcoming trip to the islands this winter, and it's honestly a big overwhelming to try and plan. I appreciate all blog posts with recommendations and itineraries.

  4. Looks like a whole lot of fun on this beach bound paradise. There are many places in this world worth visiting, so thank you for sharing the one you have found.

  5. such a great place to visit on a vacation. the place is really amazing

  6. This is gorgeous.That white sand a deep blue water is so dreamy.

  7. OMG, Talipasak Beach Resort is my favorite place with that beautiful water! I love a good beach!

  8. Romblon is on my list to visit. I want to visit their tourist attraction and I can't to go there someday! HAHAHHA Your photos are beautiful.

  9. Aaahh this look idyllic! The beaches thought. Just beautiful!

  10. Such a peaceful place!!! lovely pictures

  11. The beaches in Romblon look amazing. Can sure use some beach weather right now.

  12. Philippines is on my bucket list for so long now. I would love to explore these islands.

  13. I just fall in love seeing the pictures of this resort, it looks amazing.

  14. thanks for sharing this, I love to travel esp roads less traveled, keep this to my to travel list, I need vitamin sea at times
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. Lovely takes! I def have to visit the Philippines! so beautiful

  16. Amazing beaches..I love the Aglicay beach resort. The view is awesome.


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