|FOOD| How to Feel Less Guilty for Not Cooking Dinner this Week - Jona Shares

|FOOD| How to Feel Less Guilty for Not Cooking Dinner this Week


You know the feeling. You’ve worked all day, and all you can think about is biting into that new buffalo chicken pizza from the pizzeria down the street, but you feel guilty. You tell yourself home cooked meals are essential, and that buying dinner out is selfish, but is it? 

Feeling guilty in this instance is likely irrational. While it is true that having family meals is important, no rule mandates those meals be self-prepared. You can find plenty of made up reasons to feel guilty about not cooking, but how about instead you look for reasons that support and validate occasionally eating out.

You Deserve a Break

You work 40 plus hours per week, and that doesn’t account for your kid’s soccer practice, dress rehearsals or recitals. Taking a couple of nights off from cooking is well-deserved, so find the discounts and order in. 

Ordering In Can Be A Treat

Beyond you needing a break, sometimes ordering in is a treat for the family. How many families have taco Tuesdays or pizza Fridays? Ordering in is a natural way of life, and for many families, it creates opportunities to relax and engorge. Life is stressful, and everyone deserves a nice treat every now and again.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety 

Finding recipes that accommodate everyone’s needs can be a chore. Digging through the pantry trying to piece together meals that account for your daughter’s gluten allergy or your husband’s acid reflux is tiring. By looking for the best gluten-free pizza delivery and ordering an additional salad, you can solve both problems and reduce your stress and anxiety simultaneously.

Focus More on Family Time

Besides giving yourself a break and reducing the stress of the day, ordering in gives you time to focus on family. This means that you can spend a little more time helping your son with his homework, or even gathering up the board games and movies for a family fun night.

Ordering in is not the end of the world, and with pizza delivery discounts you will have nothing to feel guilty about. Take advantage of the take-out and enjoy with your family.

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