San Pablo City Coconut Festival 2019 - Jona Shares

San Pablo City Coconut Festival 2019

Excitement turned Disappointment

I particularly went earlier as 10 am to be able to get a good place where I can personally cover the event. There are designated bars (barikadas) to limit the people coming in the area where the street dancing presentation. 

The event started at 12 noon. Speeches by government officials took place as well as the guest of Honour, followed by the parade of different organizations, acknowledgement of different sponsors, etc. 

After the parade, people started to come in. I wonder, Nasaan ang security? Anong silbi ng barikada? Yung pumunta ka para sa magandang pwesto nabaliwala. 

Patience is a virtue ika nga. I tried to be calm and say "okay, malapit na ang performance." "Tiis gutom at tyaga sa pagtayo muna."

Finally, they started the program...

But it was interuppted. Contestant Number one was advised to just standby and wait as the unnamed VIP is already coming. But to my dismay, there are some plackards and some calendars, stickers and ballers being distributed. Saan ba ako nagpunta? Kampanya or Festival?

Was it really part of the program? Okay fine, let it be. Be patient...

It was almost 3:00 PM, and when the said VIP is there together with some other government officials it seems that the program restarted. Back to introductory speech and so on. Anyare? Nahihilo na ba ako sa gutom?

I spent almost six hours standing under the sun to see the 24th Coconut Festival but all I was able to cover is this. I can no longer stay as I am almost fainting so I decided to go as much as I wanted to see the performances.

I hope that next year, it will be much more organized just like back when it was before.

PS: I used to be a part of the performer back when I was in Elementary. Let's appreciate the students, teachers and the schools who are still joining the said activity. Month's of preparation is being alloted for this and even before the actual event. Student's are preparing early so please, let us consider their welfare too.

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