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No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

I have been a virtual assistant over the last two years. Since I left the corporate job, I decided to open up a business together with a good friend and classmate in high school and then doing some freelancing activities on the side. Going out of my comfort zone is one of the big steps I made after getting married.

Venturing out of what my expertise entails a lot of effort learning and establishing what I am looking forward to.

After series of various applications, I didn’t find any job online. Luckily, I had my very first client who is currently in United Kingdom. I felt that we were destined to be working together because we only found each other in a travel group in Facebook. She posted in the group that she was looking for a virtual assistant while me trying up to get an online work saw it and immediately messaged her. We had some trials and then she decided to hire me and up to now we are working together closely.

During the first months, we work just as simple as that.  She would instruct me what to do and then I delivered. We talk purely about business then after some months, we already find ourselves talking about some travel matters and moving forward even something about our own personal lives. I am a year older with her, I am already married but she is still single. She is currently a pharmacologist and travelling one country at a time that is why she is super busy.

I love how our working relationship turned out. Now we can talk about several things. Greeting each other during our birthdays or when there are certain achievements that we had.

I am not really sure about the culture in their country but we talked about something personal, my love story and how I met my one and only. We also talked about dating and she said that she really is not into serious relationship this time and what she just wants to have fun and travel. She share to me that she is in an Adult Dating and that is what she has been up over the past months. It is a website wherein you can look for people with the same interest. She told me that it is open for some countries where you can actually meet the person is you get interested both to each other.

No Strings Attached

She even introduced me to into something like Sex Dating where you can actually have some naughty moments with no string attached with someone who you think is cool and nice. She is not yet into that mindset of marrying someone or even settling down that is why she just want to have a no strings attached relationship.

Well, I guess this is a nice idea too for those people who are into it. You get to find someone which you want to expect. Share the same thoughts or probably the same thinking about meeting or dating people and who knows you might end up with the person whom you can actually be with for the rest of your life. A great avenue for something who still want to enjoy but doesn’t think of instant commitment.

No Strings Attached

I remember some tips about this kind of dating that my client has told me:

1.     Be bold and specific. You should know what you want and what you are looking for. Include what you are looking for or what are the specifics that you want to a person that really turns you on.    

2.     Make sure to check out the person’s profile or try to do some background check if you happen to be friends with him on social media.

3.     Invest some time knowing the person before you actually gave in for a meet-up. Talk and learn about each other first. Make sure you learn something about the person at least some details. Then go on dates to get to know more about that person.

4.     If you have some friends who are also into the same mindset or into the same thing. Better let them know in case you will be meeting someone so they would know in case there will be some emergency.

5.     Don’t forget that you enter this with your own decision and not just a peer pressure. Be mature enough.

6.     Lastly, have fun and enjoy then move on.

No Strings Attached 

People may be having different definition of what dating is. Probably different ways to meet persons too. We may be having different ways on dealing with but if we are enjoying it. Why not? We only live once so why not enjoy life to the fullest then.

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