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It's never too late to love again

It's never too late to love again

We all dreamt of finding our soulmate, our Mr./Ms. Right but sometimes we just end up with the wrong person. So where is Mr. or Ms. Right then?

I know not all of us are lucky to have someone at our side. There are failed relationships or marriage. A happy memory at first but you call it quits in the end. And because of this, most people sometimes end up losing hope and giving up on love or simply removing the word “love” on their vocabulary. This happens mostly to people who are in their mid-thirties to forties.

But there are some people who does not give up easily. They may have been through tough times and almost give up but still decide to move on, live the life they wanted and still looking up and hoping that there is still someone that is really meant for them in due time.

Let me tell you a story of a girl I met in a travel meet-up. It is an event where you get to know people who has the same interest on travelling. It is open to all ages. I was invited to attend it and since I love to travel, I went to the said event. I mingle and talked with people. Met new friends, joined contests. I met this woman at the same event, I am amazed that even if she is already in her forties, she still mingles and attend meet-ups like that. From there we became good friends. We exchanged numbers and also share our social media handles.

After the said event, we did exchange short messages via text. Then we also started chatting and that became an almost every day routine. We discuss about travel plans and also inviting each other when planning a trip, however, our schedule is always in conflict with each other. We are also sharing some travel experiences especially the backpacking experiences then there is one time we talked about love. I don’t remember how we end up talking about it but maybe because we are already comfortable with each other.

It's never too late to love again

She knows that I am already married but I didn’t know is she is so asked her if she too, is married. She said “not yet, I am single and dating”, at some point I wonder why? She is a jolly person and looks so successful already. She told me that it’s a long story  and just told me that her past relationship is not good and she has already moved on about it. She is happy right now and she told me that  she is into senior dating and that since she has been into failed relationships,  she now already  know how to deal about it. I love how she freely talked about it and very open to discuss about her private life even though we just known each other for quite a while.

She also told me about this, give a brief information that it’s an older dating online wherein you can find people with your same interest. She’s been bold enough to discuss how she decided to check it. She told me it is a great avenue for people like her. Since they are already mature enough to decide whether to give it a go or now.

I never asked further about how was it or what experiences she encountered.

After some years, when I invite her to one of my trips. She declined it because she is saving as she will be resigning from her work. The the rest is history.  I think it was late last 2016 where she went abroad. She told me that she will risk going abroad and see what’s in store for her in the foreign land,

Fast forward to year 2017, I was surprised that she got married already. Little I know that one of the reason why she went abroad is because of this. They decided to meet halfway in a country and then tried if they two will work out.

It's never too late to love again

Currently she is happily married and still living abroad with her hubby. Also exploring one country at a time. So happy that she found her soul mate and how those bad thing happen made her to be a stronger woman.

We still communicate with each other about what’s going on with each other’s life. Liking each other’s pictures and still talking about our own adventures.

Who would have thought that in that way she would be able to find happiness and be in love all over again?

I remember one statement that she told me. “It’s not where you meet the person, it’s how you feel the love and the quality of each and every moment you are with that person that really matters”.

Well, I guess it is really not too late to be in love again. I hope just like her, we will be open to possibilities of having someone that we can be with for the rest of our lives.

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