Hakata Ikkousha, Manila

by - July 12, 2018

Hakata Ikkousha, Manila

Southies and Ramen lovers will definitely be delighted as there is a a new Ramen restaurant in Festival Mall.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila just recently opened at the Upper Ground Floor Expansion Area, Festival Mall in Alabang.

Hakata Ikkousha, Manila

The ramen bowls that they serve here comes in four different broth varieties. First is the original tonkotsu, which lets you experience the classic taste of the pork bone broth. Second is the Tonkotsu black has ma-yu (burnt garlic oil), which gives the tonkotsu broth a more intense and complex flavour  Third, God Fire is the spicy variant that comes in four spice levels to suit your preference (level 1 to 3). Lastly, the Shio-tonkotsu combines tonkotsu and shio (salt) broth for a lighter-bodied, yet still flavourful soup base. 

What I tried is their Special Tonkotsu, 5pcs. Gyoza and Raspberry Sola Iced Tea.

Hakata Ikkousha, Manila
Here's my food! Yay!
How to order your Ramen?

First, choose which Ramen do you prefer. After youve chosen your preferred broth type, you can customise your ramen even more. Choose from regular, which comes with the standard toppings (one cha-shu slice, kikurage [black fungus mushrooms], and spring onions); ajitama, with standard toppings plus one seasoned egg; or special, with standard toppings, one seasoned egg, and three slices of cha-shu.)

Order sheet.

The order sheet allows you to indicate your preferences such as the level of spicyness, noodle hardness, as well as broth saltiness. You can also order additional toppings if you want. 

Hakata Ikkousha, Manila
Time to eat my Special Tonkotsu Ramen 

What I order is Special Tonkotsu Ramen, normal noodle texture, normal saltiness with special toppings, 5pcs. gyoza side dish and Sola Iced tea. 

Were so lucky to be able to talk with Ms. Marivic Tomoda, Hakata Ikkousha Manila owner. She shared how Hakata Ikkousha materialised here in Manila. Thanks to their love for Ramen. It's the main reason why they put up a Ramen restaurant.

She also shared how Hakata Ramen is being prepared and what can we get from eating it as well. Hours of simmering the pork bone in order to have the broth and also the bubbles that we get to see in it means that it is rich in amino acid. Learned something about the set up of Ramen restaurants and why they are like that as well. Thanks Ms. Vic for sharing some time to talk with us!

Hakata Ikkousha, Manila
Ms. Marivic, the owner sharing her knowledge about ramen.
Overall, I really enjoyed the food. It also brings back memories of my travel in Japan. Now, I can experience an authentic Hakata Ramen as easy as riding the bus as Hakata Ikkousha Manila is just few hours from home.

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