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Tips and Tricks In Creating A Successful Live Stream Channel

Learn the tips and tricks in terms of creating a successful live stream channel.

It usually started when a view e.g. Susan was recommended a live stream app to listen to live stream videos and audios on her mobile phone. Susan enjoythe videos and audios and gradually began to follow some of her favourite broadcasters and their contents. Susan started to give feedbacks to encourage the broadcasters and leave comments and even chatted with some of her favourite broadcasters. Some were friendly while some were not so friendly. 

In the course of time Susan gets connected with other viewers and became friends with some of them. There came a time when some friends encouraged her to broadcast some of the materials. Initially, she lacked confidence but after much encouragement from friends, she was promoted by one of her contact who is a broadcaster herself. Viewers who are interested to broadcast can also sought approval from the Swoo TV team.

Starting as a beginner, Susan has her own faithful followers and she works at increasing her audience.

• Gather tips from other experienced broadcaster friends.

• Start visiting other streamers’ channels. Stay informed on the latest events, popular games, vocabulary, etc. At the same time, work on your own style, idea and manner of commenting.

• Work at creating a unique community with active interaction with your viewers and audience.

• Pay attention to your viewers, get to know them and appreciate their comments. Your success depends on your viewers.

• Learn more about streaming etiquette.

• Know when to speak and when to avoid talking during an online chat with viewers on your live broadcast app.

• You will need to be consistent with regular streams to avoid losing your viewers. Live streaming is a form of entertainment and you will need to build a viewing schedule for your viewers.

• Start with a few streams to provide good quality and well organized streaming.

• Set regular broadcasting time most suitable for you to build a consistent audience. Keep consistent time is of utmost importance and responsibility.

• Make your viewing schedule easily visible to your viewers via your Facebook account, social media, etc.

• Be sincere to be a good streamer. Be yourself, behave naturally to gain recognition from your audience. Talk to your audience like they are your friends. Don’t try to be someone else.

• There are guidelines to be a good broadcaster. Every video streaming app will review and verify applicants thoroughly. Broadcasters need to demonstrate that they are good at something and can bring value to the app. If it is reported that your broadcasts are inappropriate, offensive, or are misusing the platform in any way, your broadcaster status can be terminated at any time.

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