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Five Hugas ng Krismas Music Video

Watch-out for Alden Richards the New Hand washing Music Video.

With Safeguard, the nation’s leading soap that stands for germ-protection; sets the tune for a healthy Christmas celebration with the newest hand-washing music video, “Five Hugas ng Krismas” it is indeed the season to be jolly and of course, worry-free.

Featuring the “Pambansang Bae”, Alden Richards and his charming voice. The music video stresses the importance of having clean hands this Yuletide season through a colourful and energetic finger-tutting choreography set to a classic Christmas melody. 

This is Safeguard’s creative response to an alarming discovery from the first Philippine Hand washing Index (PHI), with results showing that most Filipinos do not wash their hands regularly and diligently. PHI is a breakthrough study commissioned by Safeguard to have a closer look at the hand-washing habits of Filipinos. 

The message of the music video is simple yet impactful: “Ang bawat hugas, dapat Safeguard hugas”. 

Trusting the best when it comes to germ-protection, by simply following these five non-negotiables on when to wash your hands: before mag-mano, after banyo, before kumain, after playing, and before mag-bonding. 

“A joyful Christmas is a Christmas that is spent with family and friends – happy and worry-free. A lot of us take hand-washing for granted, and since is it a good way to prevent illnesses, it’s important to remind the people to continuously wash their hands the Safeguard way,” says Alden Richards.
Director Sid Maderazo and Assistant Director Manman Angsico, a veteran theater actor and vocal coach, are the masterminds behind the creative execution of the “Five Hugas ng Krismas” music video. 

In it, the finger-tutting choreography features five hands that represent the five points of the star – reminiscent of the Filipino Christmas parol. 

For the background, sliding panels and creative props help depict the different times one should remember to wash their hands, specifically during those festive moments that define a Filipino Christmas. From bonding with the family over karaoke, to digging in on the delicious spread of local rice cakes, the music video is a fun and creative way to create awareness about the value of hand-washing. 
Director Sid Maderazo shares this: “Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most challenging. The intention was to shoot the scenes seamlessly with live moving backgrounds. The easy route was to use green screen, but where’s the fun in that? It was all about great team work from everyone involved, and in the goal of sharing about an advocacy worth sharing to kids and the young-at-heart alike.”

Clean hands for every Filipino

Safeguard aims to address the serious problem with the poor hand-washing habits of Filipinos through the Five Hugas ng Krismas music video, which was uncovered by the first Philippine Hand washing Index. 

Based on the study, they found out that seven out of ten Filipinos claim to wash their hands with soap after using a public toilet, but only two really do. Also, it was found out that only water is being used when hand-washing by sixty percent (60%) of women before cooking, and forty percent (40%) of women before feeding their kids. 

Children are the most prone to sickness, yet sixty-six percent (66%) of Filipinos have noticed or witnessed that children are not washing hands after using the toilet while forty percent (40%) of Filipinos do not wash their hands before touching young children.

For over five decades, Safeguard has been a dedicated hand-washing advocate, promoting proper hand-washing habits with a wide range of antibacterial soaps that provide family protection against germs for up to 24 hours.

Safeguard came up with a creative solution to keep hand-washing a top-of-mind habit in every home. WIth the “Five Hugas ng Krismas”, with the goal to instill proper hand-washing habits especially in time of the holiday season.

To spread awareness about the proper handwashing habits this season of joy. Watch and share the Five Hugas ng Krismas music video below.

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