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Back to School

Some may be excited, some may say, it's too early to go back to school, while some are still enjoying their vacations...

Here are some practical tips on how to survive for the rest of the school year.

1. Sleep well and have a good night sleep.
Rest is very important. Make sure that you have enough sleep and rest to be fully recharged for the next day.

2.  Eat a good breakfast to stay active.
Having a good breakfast will help us to start our day right. Who would be happy to study if their tummy is hungry?

3. Dress well and start your day with a smile.

Being happy and having a positive mind is one of the key to that the day. Somehow it brings a positive energy to us. Plus good grooming is also a key to be more confident on we face our day.

My nephews and niece smiling up to the camera before they go to school. Hashtag #OOTD School Uniform
4. Check and review notes after school.

This is to make sure that no assignments will be missed. Also you can review notes and do advance reading for the next day. This will make you more prepared to face another school day and will avoid you from cramming.

5. Repeat numbers one to four. 

I guess that four tips is the key to be able to survive your school year. Just be positive and prepared. Cheers to another fruitful journey of learning!

If you want, document it and make some snapshots of your school journey. Why not make a selfie for a job well done, took a random shot of your good friends at school, or have a snapshot of your OOTD during school events.

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