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Reasons Why I Travel

Reasons Why I Travel

We may all have our reasons why we travel and now, I am sharing my own cents.

As discussed in the other post My Top Travel Tips. Most people thought that I am so rich that I get to travel from time to time. Well, I may consider myself rich with dreams, hahaha! Anyway, in terms of family, friends, of course. But in terms of finances, I see to it that I do budget trips so I can have more places to visit instead of splurging on one trip.

Now, let me give you a brief story from my childhood.

When I was young, I dreamed of being a flight stewardess, Why? Because I want to travel the world. I remember that was my "What I want to be" during our kindergarten graduation. 

To make the story short, I ended up taking Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Until I graduated and worked with several companies.

I remember, during our time, riding an airplane is so expensive and it was one way of getting abroad. As a young girl, I always look at the sky whenever there's an airplane. And this is some sort of a confession: I thought that people who go to abroad are just inside the plane and when I saw one, I would say, "Oh, there's a plane, there is my sister." Such I noob idea. hahaha

When I get older, still the wanderlust in me in still there and the rest is history.

Here are my own reasons why I Travel.

1. To pursue my dream. 

    For me its a dream come true being able to discover different places. When I was in grade school, every time we discuss history and the popular destinations in the Philippines, I used to tell myself, "when I grow old I want to see for real". It makes me feel so accomplished and happy every time I get to explore new places.

2. Immerse with the locals. 

    I want to experience life from other places. Some may be so hard, simple, extravagant. From there I get to reflect on the things I may not have and for what I am blessed with. I get to learn about their culture as well.

3. Meet new people.

    I learn to interact with other people and make new friends too. I gained friends who at first strangers to me. I was able to share the same passion with the people I met along the way. 

4. Reflect and Relax

   As I grow old, traveling was not just a dream come true, its now my way of relaxing and reflecting. Some would say its tiring, somehow yes, long road trips or boat ride, delayed flights and waiting time are part of it but the reward when you get to the destination for me is all worth it. The feeling can't be explained, there's a thing inside that you know that you are happy. Can I call it wanderlust?

5. Experience spontaneous Adventure

   Some trips were unplanned or some circumstances happened but for me its part of the adventure and experience. Some great things occurred unplanned.

So, how about you? What are your reasons why you travel?

Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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