Seattle's Art Scene is Amazing in 2022 - Jona Shares

Seattle's Art Scene is Amazing in 2022

Seattle has always been known as an arts capital, but in 2022 we're quickly seeing a shift where it's been taken even further.

People are mourning and pushing through pain with creativity; nowhere is it easier to see that than in Seattle.

This is what the art scene looks like in 2022 and why it's worth a visit soon! 

Bouncing Back From Covid

Seattle was one of the first major cities that were hit by Covid-19 in 2020, and it caused a lot of businesses and shows to be shut down or canceled altogether. This was good and bad in many ways, leaving people with a complicated memory of the time in lockdown.

For some, it became a time of sudden panic, financial instability, and fear while living in one of the most expensive cities in the country. For others, it became an excuse to make as much art as possible before the vaccines and help could come.

Seattle came out of this traumatized but healing itself through art and creativity: and there's no other way the Emerald City would have it.

What’s Changed

Live performances and shows in Seattle have changed a lot. Not only are there more options to watch shows, like streaming online instead of attending them in person, but there are also restrictions on who can go. Most shows in Seattle require a mask and either a negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination (some require both). This is one of the largest changes, but it's still evolving as time goes on.  

What We’ve Seen So Far This Year

So far, this year has been an exploration of classical music, dance, and mourning in motion. One incredible performance, called the Sibelius Cycle, was performed by the Seattle Symphony in early February and stunned guests. It continued to perform again in April and sold out each night while also streaming online.  

This was followed in popularity by Blue. This Opera first premiered in July of 2019, but the restrictions of 2020 stopped people from being able to enjoy it and let it finish its first year of being open. Blue has made a fantastic return, with an unfortunately topical story about police brutality and the pain of being black in America.

What We’re Expecting

Beautiful new art and performance pieces are still debuting throughout the year. Christina Quarles has a fantastic project about bodies that are debuting through late June and is available for free at the Frye Museum. This is affordable and important because of how high the cost of Seattle apartments for rent is already!  

Whim W'Him will also be making a splash this year. This company is returning to theaters to premiere new choreographers and fantastic new contemporary dance performers that explore how to make art in the motion of the body. There's nothing as stunning and moving as these performances right now.

There are also plenty of concerts and live dancing performances planned throughout the year.

This is a City That Won't Slow Down.

Seattle has always been wild and unable to slow down, so it's no surprise that so many new gorgeous arts and performances are debuting right after restrictions begin to lift. Consider making a stop at any of these fantastic performances; you'll enjoy the memories for a lifetime.  

If you have ever been to Seattle, share your experiences too! We'd love to hear from you.

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