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High Demands on Owning a Personal Car


The global pandemic hits really hard on us. I know you can all relate to it. The past few years just passed by with us staying at our respective houses. Especially when the government declared a total lockdown in our area. We are restricted to go out outside our area and we need to secure travel passes. Then when they lifted it, it was too difficult to travel since there are limited numbers of public transportation and also somehow the paranoia is there so we are hesitant to take public transportations. We feel that it is very risky and unsafe to travel and have some physical contact with people you don’t even know.


Back when I was a child, only people who are rich owns a car. It used to be a part of the social status of every family but over the years, it changed. Now even a normal family can own one. It becomes a necessity too and not just a luxury for families especially when the pandemic happens. 


I think every family considered buying their own cars from that moment even though it is expensive. Somehow, it provides a relief that you get to encounter only the people close to you. Until now, there is an increase in vehicle sales. May it be buying a new one or a secondhand one. 


Good thing my sister has a car, it was easy for us. But still, I tried checking or researching the things to consider when buying your own car. Here are some that you might find interesting too.


First is your budget. Consider the amount of money that you have or the money you will earn if ever. Make some estimates on your expenses too.


Consider your preference. Going back to the first one, the budget can also dictate you if you can go on a brand new or settle for a little cash-out, consider buying a second-hand or used car. When you know your preference, again research for it. Check out the best deals according to your preference and of course budget. 


You might want to add the category for family or single use only so that you can know what to check, let’s say you can choose small cars if just for personal use or choose SUVs or Van if for family or business use.


I and my husband have a motorcycle so we use it for our day-to-day use especially if we need to rush and hurry. That is the advantage of it, but we still aim to have our own four-wheel car so that when it is raining we have something to use as it’s more convenient too and also while looking forward being a family. We can go on out of town, camping, and on road trips with our future kids.



When you already have the preference and budget, you might want to consider also if you will pay it on a cash basis or installment or if you will get an auto loan for the car that you will purchase.


Things to consider would be the amount of cash you have and if you are ready to pay in full and then the amount of amortization that you need to pay monthly. So make sure that the budget and income would be enough to cover the future bill.


It would be a lot of researching, learning, and computing before giving it a go so yes, it’s better to have and acquire the necessary information and knowledge because our hard-earned money will be part of it. I, myself have been already researching the best option to choose so that when it’s our time to purchase our own it would be easier to decide. I want to share this website-based application wherein we can try to calculate and determine the ideal terms of the loan that we will be getting, and its rates from different lenders (Those who will lend the money to us. For example a Bank).

It’s a calculator which you can use online, here it is CarPaymentCalculator.net, you can choose each tab in order to see the details that you want. You can also try to explore it so that you can play with the numbers too.

I also get to enjoy their games. You can click on the arcade tab or go directly here to this link: https://www.carpaymentcalculator.net/arcade/. There are so many games to choose from! Unwind when your head is already aching while computing or checking out the best deal that you can choose! Hahaha

I personally love the Scooter Streamers game!

If you have some suggestions, feel free to put them in the comment section so that we can have new sets of ideas too!

Thank you and make sure to drive safely every day!

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