Coping up for more than a year of staying at home. - Jona Shares

Coping up for more than a year of staying at home.

It’s been more than a year since the global pandemic hit us. Where everything turns out to be differentStaying at home is mandatory. Going out, partying, and traveling are not allowed during the lockdown and still limited until now.

Coping up with the situation is really a big adjustment for all of us. I love to travel and explore places but since health is my priority and I don’t want to gamble about my safety and the safety of my loved ones too. Staying at home and following the safety protocols is really a must.

How do I adjust to it? So aside from gardening, reading, and binge-watching, I love playing games too. Playing games is what I normally do when taking a break or whenever I need some time to think or unwind for a while especially when working at home. 

I don’t have games downloaded on my laptop to avoid excessive playing. I prefer online games which I can play for a little time. One of my favorite websites is has around two hundred (200) games available on their website. They are also continuously expanding their collection and adding games daily. Isn’t it exciting?

There are many games to choose from. They have multiple game categories and genres, so you can easily choose the game that you want to play according to your preference. For example, you want to play simulation or arcade games which I normally play here.

What I love about is that its website is very easy to navigate. You can play whenever I want. No sign-in or membership required. Also, what I like most about it is that there are no advertisements when you are playing. For sure you can relate to it. Those annoying ads haha!

One of my favorites here is the game named Fight Virus

Back when I was young, I used to play Sims on my desktop and it really consumes my time playing. Well, that was when I am still a student. But now since I have a busy schedule, I choose to play Fight Virus since it is very timely and I can stop it anytime.

By the way, this game is a hospital simulation game where players act as doctors and nurses in a hospital setting to prevent the system from overloading with the virus. This game is very relatable and for me, it gives the player an idea of how the virus can be easily multiplied if not well taken care of. 

It is easy to play at first but when patients are piling up and the spreading of the virus is getting fast. It’s kinda stressful especially when the percentage of the virus is going up. The pressure is indeed there. I guess this game was created to give awareness to its players too. How to avoid spreading the virus and also to honor the hard work of our front-liners.

Another game that I play here is, of course, the Tetris. Well, I am a 90's baby and I guess I cannot outgrow Tetris. 

Don't judge me but I really enjoy playing it. Maybe one of the reasons is that it is one of my father's gifts to me, I used to call it Brick Game when I am young. Probably the best gifts I got during my childhood days so whenever I play Tetris, it really brings back the memories. 

I always opt to play on my desktop since I have a set time when playing, fifteen to thirty minutes would be a good time for my break/unwind time. I played Tetris especially when I want to be calmed and relaxed. Playing it with sound on as the background music is so relaxing. It gives me some sense of positivity. 

These are just the two of what I play here and if you are interested to play just check out their website so you can choose what game you like. 


  1. I love this site. It has so many entertaining games, even classic ones, plus there are educational options for kids.

  2. has so many different styles of games and challenges. I love the variety of free games they offer.

  3. I have kids that played Sims too. It was pretty realistic and some of the things used to make me laugh.

  4. I've been doing well these past year in staying at home but sometimes it gets too boring at times so those are wonderful ideas. That site definitely looks like a nice place to check out.


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