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Mayaman Challenge by Mr. Francis Leo Marcos

I stumble upon my facebook earlier and then I saw a trending live. I thought he was just a normal person sharing how he is helping our fellow kababayans. I watched the entire video and I must say he is really courageous to challenged those politicians and rich people to help the people in need.

Based on his live video, he shared that some reported him in their subdivision that he is giving a threat in the said subdivision because of what he is doing but what he wanted to do is just to help the people in need.

He shared what happened to the truck that carries tons of rice all the way from Nueva Ecija that it was not permitted to enter the subdivision so they need to use his car to bring the sacks of rice inside his house with the help of his volunteers. It will be given to many people who needs assistance just like those students who were stranded in UP Los Baños and people of payatas who will receive a hundred sacks of rice.

Here is the You tube video link since the Facebook Live that I was able to watch earlier is no longer available:

His video includes the "Mayaman Challenge" which encourages to help people. Apparently, there are people who are not happy with what he is doing. Some complains about it.

I guess, this time, what we need is a helping hand. Lucky are those who have enough money and supply to attend to their needs but come to think of it, how will other people especially the poor be able to live and support their basic needs in this time of pandemic. 

Thank you for those who are helping in their own ways. Giving PPE's, face masks, groceries, etc. Simple acts of kindness is a big help. Thank you Mr. Francis Leo Marcos for sharing what you have and for being brave enough to challenge those people with golden spoon to help as well.

Let's restore humanity and fight this altogether. Pray and Stay at home so that we can stop the spreading of this deadly virus, Covid 19.

Lord, heal our land.


This is not sponsored nor paid. Words expressed are my own thoughts.

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