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Mar 11, 2019

Unconditional love to a child that isn't yours

Unconditional love to a child that isn't yours

I was indeed inspired by the Touch of Care story by Vicks Philippines that I watched over Facebook. My heart melts after watching it. For me, inspiring videos such as this should be really promoted on social media. Love, acceptance and positivity and not fake news or whatsoever...

I salute Agnes for her unconditional love to Jason. I am sure it is not as easy as what we think. With all the sacrifices and how she struggle in her everyday life. Adding to the heartbreak more are those people around them who judge and belittle them. So sad. Reality bites.

If you haven't watch it yet, here is the video:

This is a four minutes video story about a child who was born with HIV infection. When his mom died from the disease, the four month old baby was handed by his immediate family to Agnes, his mom’s best friend. You would see and feel in the story how Agnes later on found out about the child’s condition. Instead of turning away from the unexpectedly difficult situation, she committed to raise him and showered him with love and care. 

It was the start of a beautiful life transformation for the two; showing how Agnes fought for the child’s life against all ridicule and discrimination from the people around them. And with Agnes’ unfaltering love and care, Jason is now four years old and his HIV infection lays dormant in his body.

Unconditional love to a child that isn't yours

Sharing Agnes’ story  will definitely create a ripple effect that inspires people to look past the current beliefs, social norms, definitions, and stereotypes placed on people, and ultimately creates a transformative power of care. This creates societal awareness for children born with HIV in order to change society’s beliefs and perspectives towards them. 

Sharing my personal insights about the same thing. Loving a child that isn't actually yours could really be possible.

Two years  ago, a bunch of angel came to our lives. He lost her mom and his father couldn't afford to take care of the two kids and the rest is history.

Time flies and they are growing fast...  Since then, our every day turned out differently. Waking up in the midnight to make some milk,  and changing diapers from time to time.Yes, it was never easy but who would not be in love with these kids who will always bless, kiss and hug you from time to time and will say "lab lab" (Love, Love) which means hugging so tight to them.

Now he is turning three and loves singing and dancing. He also loves being praised by his basketball skills. Haha I hope he would still be like this until he gets old.

We may never know until when he would be with us, but a long as he needs some care and guidance. We will be always here for him. He may lost his mom but he have his Mama Lanie, Mommy Beth and Daddy Dante, Lolo Pogi, Lola Beauty and Lola Grace.

Let's spread some love and why not share your own touch of care story.

Share your story in comments.

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