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Starting Your Own Family

Starting Your Own Family

Starting your own family entails a lot of preparation. We may think that we are already prepared and ready for it but the question is, are we really ready?

In this generation, there may be a lot of unwanted pregnancies that leads to building a family, it's a fact, we all know that. However, there are still couples who are really preparing in building their own family. But how do you do it?

Based on my own experience, I chose the latter...

I got married at the age of thirty and basically me and my husband planned about it. We agreed to get married at are own expense, just make use of what we have and budget it. Well, of course have something to start with. Plus also, making sure of managing our finances moving forward.

Starting Your Own Family

Also we have certain goals to achieve in starting our own family. It maybe different from other couples but let me share it...

We decided to buy a lot first, that is our very first investment after we were engaged. This is because we want to have our own property first because when you get married and actually start a family, expenses follows. Agree?

Starting Your Own Family

Right now, we are saving for our future family home and next to that is that we already intend to buy a Property Insurance in the Philippines  to make sure that are family home has the correct property coverage so that in case of unforeseen event, we are prepared for it as well. No need to worry about it.

Since we got married, we actually planned to have a baby but maybe we still need to have the right timing because until now, we are still waiting for our soon to be little angel. Actually, this is one of the main reason why I decided to quit my corporate job. To focus and have more time and of course less stress.

Hopefully our precious gift will soon be given to us.

Right now, since we are still waiting for it, we are saving and getting ready as early as now. We are dividing are savings from our different goals. It maybe little by little but we are positive to have it achieved. 

I hope you get to learn something from this. Share your experiences in the comments section too.

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