Espresso de Kaldi, San Pablo City

by - August 03, 2017

If you consider parking space, Espresso de Kaldi is the best place to be. Another place to bond with family and friends.

It is a newly opened cafe in my hometown San Pablo City, Laguna. Been here twice since I opt to settle in San Pablo after some years working in Manila.

First is during our surprise birthday celebration for a dear friend since High School and second time was when I catch-up with my best friend in college.

Here's the menu.

The location is not really friendly for commuters but for those who has their own cars would definitely love the place since the parking space here is huge compared to other cafes in the city.

We enjoy the foods, the pasta and the pizza. Got to try their frappucino coffee. Been so full and never got to taste any of their deserts though, so can I say, I have a reason to go back? Haha!

Matcha Frappucino

Looking forward to it soon! So here are their pastries for my reference. Lol.

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